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Lhasa Economic & Technological Development Zone Wentianxia Investment Co Ltd-China (Wingtech Technology Co Ltd-China (Nexperia BV-Netherlands)Economic Development Zone Lhasa, China (Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands)ESupply-Harvesting|EH-Ambient Light-Solar-Power Management Integrated Circuit|PMICNexperia NEH2000BY-EH-Uses energy gathered from ambient sources-Such as light-Power Management Integrated Circuit|PMIC-Recharges a battery or storage capacitor (which can be harvested using a photovoltaic cell)-Self-powered, compact, high performance, simplified environmentally friendly electronic devices-Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded applications.
Keep Looking Ahead|KLA Corporation (Front Edge Technology Inc|FET)Milpitas, CA, USA (Baldwin Park, CA, USA)EStorage-Battery-Solid State|SSB-Thin-film-Anode-Lithium-Cathode-LiCoO2-Electrolyte-Solid-Lithium Phosphorus Oxynitride|LiPONNanoEnergy® SSB-TFB-World's Thinnest Rechargeable SSB-Thinner than a piece of paper--Anode-Lithium-Cathode-LiCoO2-Electrolyte-Solid-LiPON-Ultra-thin rechargeable batteries-Power for Micro Devices-Card-type applications-Smart card-Portable sensors-RFID tag-When embedded in micro devices-Acts as an autonomous power source-Enables new micro device functions-Working with its customers to develop next generation self-powered micro systems.
TDK CorporationTokyo, JapanEStorage-SSB-Surface Mounted Device|SMDTDK CeraCharge® Rechargeable Solid-state SMD battery-No liquid electrolyte through which the lithium ions move during charging or discharging-based on a multilayer technology similar to the one used in Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors-Li-based ceramic oxide electrolyte /electrode and copper charge collector.
Niterra Co Ltd-formerly-NGK Spark Plug Co LtdNagoya, Aichi, JapanEStorage-SSB-SMD Battery-Electrode-LiCoO2|CeramicNGK EnerCera Coin|Pouch-World’s first SMD-type Li-ion battery-Li-ion secondary battery with NGK’s original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes-Just an active material and it contains no organic binder or conductive material which exists in a Li-ion battery normally but does not contribute to battery capacity-Realizes high-double-energy density and low internal resistance-less than a half (*1) compared to commercial secondary batteries of the same size->Uultra-small/ultra-thin onboard-type high-performance battery for operating ICs, sensors and a wireless communication system which needs large current such as several 10 mA to several 100 mA+Constant Voltage|CV-charging capability eliminates the need for a charger IC to control the charge current.
Vishay Intertechnology Inc|VSHMalvern, Pennsylvania|PA, USAEStorage-Capacitors-Wet Tantalum|TA-EP2-High Energy-Ultra High Capacitance-Industrial-Avionics-Military-Space-Capacitor BanksVishay-EP2 Wet Tantalum|Ta capacitor-Built on Vishay’s proven SuperTan® technology-Ultra high capacitance for power electronics.
SolCold LtdNess Ziona, IsraelESupply-Anti-Stokes Fluorescence-Paint-Sunlight Active Direct Cooling-Optical RefrigerationSolCold Glacier© Advanced Cooling-Sunlight active direct cooling-Optical refrigeration-Anti-Stokes Fluorescence-SolCold paint-Two layers-1-Nano filter paint layer-Outer layer that filters out some of the sun’s rays-2-Active cooling paint layer-Inner Layer-Heat-to-light conversion-Cooling itself below the ambient temperature.


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Blue Spark Technologies Inc|BLUESPARKWestlake, Ohio|OH, USAEStorage-Battery-Flexible-Printed-Zinc|Zn-Carbon|C-PrimaryBlue Spark-Ultra Thin|UT Series-TempTraq®- Printed Carbon Zinc-Primary cell-Non-rechargeable-Zinc Manganese Dioxide (ZnMnO2) (Alkaline) Printed Battery.
3M Company|MMM (3M New Ventures) - Svante Technologies Inc|SVANTESt Paul, Minnesota|MN, USA - Burnaby, British Columbia|BC, CanadaNegative Emissions|NE-Direct Air Capture|DAC-Carbon Dioxide|CO2 Removal|CDR3M -Svante-To develop Direct Air Capture|DAC products for the carbon dioxide removal|CDR industry.
CCL Industries Inc|CCLLF (Imprint Energy Inc|IEI-Acquired 082023)North York|Toronto, Ontario|ON, Canada (Alameda, CA, USA)EStorage-Battery-Zinc|Zn-Ultra-thin-Flexible-Printable-"Enabling never before form factors"Imprint Energy ZinCore™ Battery-Ultra-thin-Flexible-Printable-Thinner-More flexible than commercially available conventional lithium batteries-Customizable, scalable, printed manufacturing process-"Most Powerful Green Battery Solution" for IOT Applications-Smart Label-Medical Devices-Ultra-thin Consumer Devices.
Panasonic Holdings Corporation|PCRFY-HMOsaka, JapanEStorage-Battery-LiB-FlexiblePanasonic-Bendable Battery-Cathode-Graphite-Anode-Lithium Oxide|LiO2-Electrolyte-Liquid or Gel substance full of ions.
LG Corporation (LG Energy Solution Ltd|LGES)-HMSeoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Flexible-TFLGES-Wire Battery-First flexible, cable-type LiB-Cathode: LCO slurry coated Al wire -Anode-Nickel|Ni-Sn coated Copper|Cu wire- Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Battery.|
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Samsung SDI Co Ltd)Yongin, Gyeonggi, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Flexible-TFSamsung SDI-LPB-World's first truly flexible battery V Bending technology -Wearable-Band-Stripe Battery-Gear S2 Free Form Battery-Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Battery.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University|SJTUShanghai, ChinaSolar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-Single-junction-Organic|Polymer Solar Cell|OSC-Thin-film|TF-Refined Double-fibril Network Morphology enabled-PCE|η-19.2 ± 0.3%-032123SJTU-Organic Solar Cell|OSC-"Single-junction organic solar cells with over 19% efficiency enabled by a refined double-fibril network morphology”-‘Notable exceptions’ for single-junction cells and submodules: ‘top dozen’ confirmed results-Cells-Other-Organic-Thin-film|TF-SJTU-SCE-19.2 ± 0.3%.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University|POLYUHong Kong, ChinaSolar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-Single-junction-Organic|Polymer Solar Cell|OSC-NFA-1,3,5-trichlorobenzene|C6H3Cl3 Crystallisation Regulator-PCE|η=19.31%|18.93% certified-052923PolyU-Organic Solar Cell|OSC-19.31% binary organic solar cell and low non-radiative recombination enabled by non-monotonic intermediate state transition-Novel OSC morphology-regulating technique by using 1,3,5-trichlorobenzene as a crystallisation regulator-New technique boosts OSC efficiency and stability.
Ways Technical Corporation Ltd|WAYSTaoyuan, TaiwanSolar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Module-Non-concentrator-Organic Solar Cell|OSC-Ways/Nanobit-PCE|η-13.1 ± 0.3%Ways/Nanobit-Organic Solar Cell|OSC-Confirmed non-concentrating terrestrial module efficiencie-Organic-Ways/NanoLuc® Binary Technology|NanoBiT-SCE-13.1 ± 0.3%.
SES AI Corporation|SESWoburn, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Metal-LMB-Hybrid-Anode-Composite Li-Metal-Fundamentally different lithium dendrite formation mechanism-Electrolye-Semi-solid-High-concentration solvent-in-salt-Fundamentally changes the way lithium dendrites grow-Interface-Protective CoatingSES-AI hybrid Li-Metal-SolidEnergy LMB-“Anode-free”|Anode-Ultra-thin Lithium metal foil coated*-Electrolyte-Thin semi-solid-Quasi-ionic solid and liquid hybrid solution-+-Avatar-AI-powered “digital twin” equivalent of physical Li-Metal batteries-Maps three sets of data as material information, manufacturing quality data, and real-world vehicle data-New fundamental breakthrough in integrating Hermes material information-Apollo cell design and manufacturing information, quality management, and actual vehicle mission profile, to precisely monitor battery health and predict failures and incidents.| *In 2021, we introduced the world’s first 100Ah Li-Metal cell-Innovative and proprietary high-concentration solvent-in-salt electrolyte, which fundamentally changes the way lithium dendrites grow-A protective coating that further stabilizes the interface between the electrolyte and Li-Metal anode-A composite Li-Metal anode that has a fundamentally different lithium dendrite formation mechanism.


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STMicroelectronics NV|STMMIPlan-les-Ouates-Geneva, SwitzerlandEStorage-Battery-Thin-film Lithium-Cathode-LiCoO2-Anode-Lithium|Li-Electrolyte-Ceramic-LiPONSTMicroelectronics EnFilm™ EFL700A39-Thin-film Lithium Battery-Cathode-LiCoO2-Anode-Lithium-Electrolyte-Ceramic-LiPON.
PolyPlus Battery CompanyBerkeley, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Anode-Lithium|Li Metal|LMA-LMB-Glass ProtectedPolyplus-Glass Protected Lithium Metal Battery|LMB-SS Li-Anode-Lithium Metal Anode|LMA-Conductive glass separator-Thin ionically conductive glass sheet bonded to Lithium metal to form a solid-state anode laminate-Continuous monolithic glass prevents dendrites and promotes efficient cycling of lithium metal-First for rechargeable Li metal batteries-Applications-Scalable-Consumer electronics, Drones & Robotics, Automotive & Transportation, Medical devices.
Group14 Technologies IncWoodinville, Washington|WA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|SiGroup14-SCC55™-LiB-Anode-Silicon-Amorphous and nano-sized-10x the capacity of graphite by mass-Perfect combination of carbon, silicon, and void space and is readily available as a drop-in ready for any blend ratio with graphite or as a complete displacement to deliver unmatched energy density and cycle life stability.
OneD Battery SciencesPalo Alto, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|Si Nanowire|SiNW-infused GraphiteOneD-SINANODE Silicon Technology Platform-Silicon nanowire-infused (SiNW) graphite is the centerpiece of which also includes a fully developed manufacturing process/scale-up plan and flexible cell design options-Being able to add larger amounts of silicon—efficiently—is the essential breakthrough needed to produce competitive EVs that meet market demand for high-performance, affordable vehicles.
NanoGraf Corporation-formerly-SiNode SystemsChicago, IL, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|SiNanograg-High energy density Si-based anode material-Proprietary combination of silicon-based alloys and a protective inorganic and organic coating-Helps to stabilize the active material during charge and discharge-Si-based anode materials-Proprietary doped silicon alloy material architecture-Drop in to existing electrode mixing and coating equipment-Customizable-Range of applications-Consumer electronics to electric vehicles.
Sila Nanotechnologies IncAlameda, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|SiTitan-Silicon|Si Anode-Lithium-ion Battery Double Energy Density Silicon Anodes-Nanoparticles with a hard graphite-silicon shell and lots of empty space inside-Lithium can be absorbed into the particle without making the anode swell and shatter-Nanoparticles could store 20% to 40% more energy-100% compatible with cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells to accommodate any OEM, any gigafactory, and any product design-150+ GWh expected annual capacity by 2028.
Ilika Technologies LtdRomsey, Hampshire, United Kingdom|UKEStorage-Battery-Solid-State-SSB-Anode-Silicon|SiIlika Goliath-Wh-level SSB-Anode-Silicon|Si Substrate-Electrolyte-Oxide Solid Ilika Stereax™ (M250 (4V), P180 (3.4V) |Goliath-Solid State, Thin Film, Rechargeable Battery-3.5V (M250)–Anode-Standard 650 µm silicon substrate (Testing 200 µm glass)-Cathode-Lithium is not free during storage or cycling-"Alloyed” in the cathode or anode-Applications-BEVs-Cordless consumer electronics-Aactive medical implanted devices, small wearable and industrial IoT sensors.
Enovix Corporation|ENVX (Routejade Inc-Acquisition Announced-092023)Sacramento, CA, USA (Nonsan, Chungcheongnam, Republic of Korea)EStorage-Battery-LiB-Si-Anode-3D Silicon-Routejade-Superior Lithium-ion Polymer Battery|SLPB-FlexibleEnovix-3D Silicon™-LiB-100% Active Silicon Anode-3D cell architecture-Almost pure Silicon-Applications-Wearables & IoT-Smartphones-Laptops & Tablets-Industrial & Medical-Electric Vehicles.
Nexeon LtdAbingdon, Oxfordshire, UKLiB-Si-AnodeNexeon® NSP1™-Flagship materials-Replaces a small fraction of the graphite whilst leveraging the higher specific capacity of silicon-NSP2™-Proprietary anode structure contains the expansion characteristics, achieving a greater capacity over graphite whilst retaining a good cell cycle life-Materials are compatible with all type of lithium-ion battery cells, including cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells.
LeydenJar Technologies BVLeiden, North Holland, NetherlandsEStorage-Battery-Anode-Pure Silicon|SiLeydenJar-LiB-Anode-World’s most energy-dense anode foil made from break-proof silicon that mitigates frequent problems like swelling and breaking.-Anode-Nanostructured pure (100%) Silicon (pillars) created via depositioning directly on copper foil in one machine-Modified plasma enhanced chemical vapor depositioning machine (PECVD) to control the morphology and porosity of nanostructured Silicon pillars, directly on the copper foil anode current collector-Mass Production-2026.
Lim family (Daejoo Electronic Materials Co Ltd)Siheung, Gyeonggi, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|SiDaejoo-Metal Silicon Oxide|DMSO Silicon|Si-based anode material applied to negative electrode material for secondary batteries-World's first mass-produced high-capacity silicon oxide material applied to EV batteries.;
Enevate CorporationIrvine, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|SiEnevate-XFC-EnergyTM-Silicon-dominant anode layer-Anode active materials use significantly more than 70% pure elemental silicon-Thin form factor-HD-Advanced Energy® Technology Batteries for Electric Vehicles|EVs -Charge to 90% in just 15 minutes, and 50% in just over 5 minutes—8X faster than conventional batteries and more than 5X faster than the best “fast-charge” batteries-Driving range that adds up to 240 miles (390 km)—or up to 50 miles (80 km) range with a 60-second charge.
Prieto Battery IncFort Collins, Colorado|CO, USAEStorage-Battery-SSB-LiB-Anode-Porous 3-D Copper Antimonide|Cu2Sb-Electrolyte-Solid PolymerPrieto-SSB-LiB-3D Cu2Sb-Anode-Novel intermetallic materals-Porous 3-D Copper Antimonide|Cu2Sb Foam/Sponge Electrode-Posited Anode Substrate-Electrolyte-Ultra-thin Coated Polymer-Surrounded by a Cathode Matrix-Standard industry available materials-Reimagined battery’s architecture-Designed the world’s first truly 3D battery to deliver 360-degree ionic transfer-Very short ion pathways without compromising surface area means both hyper-fast charging and high energy density-Charging-Full-3 minutes-Half-90 seconds-Temperature Range-(-30°)-100°C.
Korea Institute of Science and Technology|KIST - Korea University|KUSeoul, Republic of Korea - Seoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-Rechargeable Magnesium|Mg-metal|RMMBKIST-KU-Rechargeable Magnesium|Mg batteries-Anode-Mg-Electrolye-Mg(C2F6NO4S2|TFSI)2−-Activated Mg anode exhibited an overpotential below 0.2 V and a Coulombic efficiency as high as 99.5% in a Mg(TFSI)2 electrolyte. Comprehensive analyses reveal simultaneous evolution of morphology and interphasial chemistry during the activation process, through which stable Mg cycling over 990 cycles was attained. Our activation strategy enabled the efficient cycling of Mg full-cell candidates using commercially available electrolytes, thereby offering possibilities of building practical Mg batteries.
Tokyo University of Science|TUSTokyo, JapanEStorage-Battery-Rechargeable Magnesium|Mg-metal Battery|RMMBTUS-Battery-Magnesium-Rechargeable-"Promising cathode material"-Mg1.33V1.57Mn0.1O4-"Appears that the particularly stable crystal structure along with a large amount of charge compensation by vanadium leads to the superior charge-discharge properties.
National University of Singapore|NUSSingaporeEStorage-Battery-Solid-state Battery|SSB-Solid-state Electrolyte|SSE-NASICON-Na3Zr2Si2PO12|NZSPNUS-Composite NASICON (Na3Zr2Si2PO12) Solid-State Electrolyte Na battery and Na–air battery-Enhanced Na+ Ionic Conductivity.


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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG|BMW - Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co Ltd (Envision AESC Group LtdMunich, Bavaria, Germany - Shanghai, China (Zama, Kanagawa, Japan)EStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM811-625|388 km|m (Real Range Est-WLTP-375-715 km|EPA-298-317 mBMW i7 xDrive60-LiB-NMC-19-inch Wheels-623|387 km|m.
Mercedes-Benz Group AG|MBG - Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co Ltd (Envision AESC Group LtdStuttgart, BaWü, Germany - Shanghai, China (Zama, Kanagawa, Japan)EStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM811-635|395 km|m (Real Range Est-WLTP-465-885 km|EPA-350 mMB EQS-LiB-NCM811.
Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Public Investment Fund-Sovereign Wealth Fund|SWF (Lucid Motors Inc|LCID)) - Panasonic Holdings Corporation|PCRFYRiyadh, Saudi Arabia (Newark, CA, USA-De Soto, Kansas|KS, USA) - Osaka, JapanEStorage-Battery-LiB-NMC-BEV-830|516 km|m-Real Range Est-490-925 kmLucid Air Grand Air Grand Touring XR AWD-NMC LiB- 19-inch Wheels-Fastest-charging,-Longest range EV-SUV-830|516 km|m-1050 horsepower | 2023 Lucid Air Dream: 425 miles|685 km | +Lucid Gravity
Fisker Inc|FSR - Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLManhattan Beach, CA, USA - Ningde, FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LiB-NMC-708|440 km|m-Real Range Est-380-765 kmFisker Ocean Extreme-NMC LiB-20-inch Wheels-708|440 km|m-Hyper Range battery pack capacity-113 kWh
Tesla Inc|TSLA - Panasonic Holdings Corporation|PCRFY (Panasonic Energy Co Ltd)|- LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solutions Ltd|LGES))Austin, Texas|TX-Palo Alto, CA, USA - Osaka, Japan | - Seoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM-NCA-652|405 km|m-Real Range Est-420-820 kmTesla Model S Long Range Trim-652|405 km|m -Panasonic Battery-LiB-1-NMC-BEV-Large-format 4680 cells-2-NCA-2170 Cells-Cobalt|Co-5%-|-LGES-LiB-Cathode-NCM-Single Crystal
Hyundai Motor Company - SK Inc (SK Innovation Co Ltd (SK On Co Ltd))Seoul, Republic of Korea - Seoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NCM 811-581 km|361 milesHyundai E-GMP platform-Ioniq 5&6-Long Range-21-inch Wheels-est-Kia EV6 GT-2024-SK ON-SF Battery-NCM 811 LiB-581 km|361 miles
Sakuu Corporation|SAKUU - LiCap Technologies Inc|LICAPSan Jose, CA, USA - Sacramento, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-SSB-Lithium-ion Battery+Capacitor-Li-ion|LiC-Activated Dry Electrode-3D PrintedLICAP-Lithium-ion Capacitor|LIC cells-Anode-Lithium|Li-Metal-LMB-Cathode-High Nickel|Ni-Dry Electrode Coating Electrolyte-Proprietary-3.8V rated -Nominal capacitance-200F, 800F-Higher energy density than ultracapacitor cells with longer life and higher power capability than battery cells-Activated Dry ElectrodeTM technology | Sakuu’s first-in-class printed batteries-Cypress cell technology-Next generation Li-Metal technology-Kavian™ platform is designed to set a new standard in manufacturing. It can enable high-volume, automated, and cost-effective production of current and next generation battery cells—in any size or shape
Sakuu Corporationi|SAKUU - Livent Corporation|LTHMSan Jose, CA, USA - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|PA, USAEStorage-Battery-SSB-3D-Printable-Lithium|LiSakuu Kavian™-3D printed batteries-Next-generation SwiftPrint™ battery-Commercial-scale Production Platform-Ongoing testing-Livent’s proprietary LIOVIX® printable lithium formulation in Sakuu’s battery 3D printing process-Includes applications for pre-lithiation and lithium metal anode manufacturing.
Dalhousie University|DALHalifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NM64-Nickel|Ni-60%-Manganese|Mn-40%-Cobalt|Co-free-Single crystal layered-oxide positive electrode materialDalhousie University-Single-crystal NM64 cathode is produced with a simple all-dry synthesis process that requires no water, no intermediate chemicals, and produces little waste-Differs from the dry electrode process developed by Tesla for the 4680 cells-According to the research, the cell has excellent high-voltage stability up to 4.4 volts. The study also found that adding a 0.3% tungsten coating to the cathode improves cycling stability.
Sparkz IncLivermore, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-NMX-Cobalt|Co-freeSparkz-Offers twice the energy density of current cobalt-free batteries-Also developing zero-cobalt solid-state batteries|SSBs.
AM Batteries Inc|AMBChelmsford, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Dry Battery Electrode|DBE CoatingAMB-Dry Battery Electrode|DBE-Dry spray technology.
Tesla Inc|TSLA (Maxwell Technologies)Fremont, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NCM 811-Anode-Graphite-4680 Cells-Dry Battery Electrode|DBE CoatingTesla-Dry Battery Electrode|DBE-Part of a next-generation 4680 cell design.
SVOLT Energy Technology Company LimitedChangzhou, JS, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NMX-Nickel|Ni-75%-Manganese|Mn-25%-Cobalt|Co-free-Anode-Nanomesh Silicon|Si-20%SVOLT "Dragon Armour" Battery-NMX batteries-Cathode-Nickel|Ni-75%-Manganese|Mn-25%-Cobalt|Co-free-Anode-Nanomesh Silicon|Si-20%.
NIO Inc - Beijing WeLion New Energy Technology Co LtdShanghai, China (Cayman Islands-British Overseas Territories-Incorporated) -Beijing, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Semi-solid-state|SSB-Cathode-Nano-scale Ultra-high Nickel|Ni-Anode-Graphite-Silicon|Si-Electrolyte-Hybrid-Liquid-In-situ-Solidified-1000|621 km|m-CLTC-estNIO-Welion-Battery-Semi-Solid State|SSB-Cathode-Nano-scale ultra-high Nickel|Ni-heavy-Anode-Inorganic Pre-lithiated Carbon|C|Graphite-Silicon|Si-Electrolyte-Hybrid Solid-Liquid.
General Motors Company|GM - OneD Battery Sciences|ONEDDetroit, Michigan|MI, USA - Palo Alto, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NCMA-Anode-Fuse-Graphite-Silicon Nanowires|SiNW into EV-grade Graphite|Crystalline Carbon|CGM-OneD-GM Ultium Battery Cells-Cathode-“State-of-the-art” Nickel Cobalt Manganese Aluminum|NCMA-Anode-Graphite+OneD SINANODE platform-Silicon|Si Nanowire-infused|SiNW-OneD -Adds more silicon onto the anode battery cells by fusing silicon nanowires into EV-grade Graphite.
Stellantis NV (Fiat-Chrylser-Peugot)|STLA - Factorial Energy IncHoofdorp, North Holland, Netherlands - Woburn, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-SSB-LMB-Proprietary ElectrolyteStellantis-SSB-LMB-Factorial Electrolyte System Technology |FEST®-Proprietary-First Li-metal solid-state battery maker to successfully receive certification that covers 100+Ah cell.
Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Volkswagen AG|VW) - QuantumScape Corp|QSWolfsburg, Lower Saxony|Niedersachsen| NI, Germany - San Jose, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Solid-state|SSB-LMB-24-layer-ScalableVW-QS-SSB-LMB-24-layer-Lithium-metal|LMB-Prototype-Anodeless architecture-Catholyte-Next-gen|Gen2-Separator-Replace liquid electrolytes->Proprietary solid flexible ceramic-Ceramic separator isolates the cathode from the anode-Allowing the company to experiment with otherwise incompatible material+Energy can continue to move throughout the cell in extremely cold Temperature--30°C.
ProLogium Technology Co LtdTaoyuan, TaiwanEStorage-Battery-Solid-state|SSB-Catholyte-NCM811+-Anode-SiOx+Li-metalProLogium-Solid-state battery|SSB-Next Generation-Large-footprint Lithium Ceramic Battery|LLCB-"Allows for nearly double the volumetric energy density compared to a standard 2170 round cell battery pack, while significantly reducing the weight and number of cells in the pack –All within the same footprint-ProLogium is the first battery company in the world to mass-produce solid-state lithium ceramic batteries-The same concept can be applied to solid-state battery.
Solid Power Inc|SLDPLouisville, Colorado|CO, USAEStorage-Battery-All-Solid-State|ASSLB-Anode-High-Content Silicon|Si-50%-Electrolyte-Sulfide Solid-Cathode-NMCSolid Power-Next generation-All-solid-state battery cell technology-Higher energy-Improved safety-Expected to provide key improvements over today’s conventional liquid-based lithium-ion technology and next-gen hybrid cells-next-All-solid-state batteries have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets.
Natrion IncBinghamton, NY, USAEStorage-Battery-Solid State|SSB-Electrolyte-Lithium Solid Ionic Composite|LISIC-Solid-state-Ceramic-polymer Composite-724 km+|450+ milesNatrion-SSB-LMB-Electrolyte-Solid-state-New Ceramic-Polymer composite-Lithium Solid Ionic Composite|LISIC-Pave the way for commercial viability of solid-state EV batteries.
University of Texas at Austin|UTAUSTIN - Purdue University|PU - US Department of Energy|DOE (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center|SLAC National Laboratory) - US Department of Energy|DOE (Los Alamos National Laboratory|LANL)Austin, TX, USA - West Lafayette, Indiana|IN, USA - Menlo Park, CA, USA - Los Alamos, New Mexico|NM, USAEStorage-Battery-All Solid-State|ASSB-Stable Anode-free|AF-Lithium|Li Metal on “empty” copper current collector-Solid Electrolyte|SE-Sulfide-based-Argyrodite|Li6PS5ClUT-Austin-PU-SLAC-LANL-Stable Anode-Free All-Solid-State Lithium Battery|AF-ASSB through Tuned Metal Wetting on the Copper Current Collector-Solid Electrolyte|SE-Sulfide-based-Argyrodite Li6PS5Cl)-Achieved by tuning wetting of lithium metal on “empty” copper current-collector. Lithiophilic 1 µm Li2Te-Synthesized by exposing the collector to Tellurium|Te vapor-Followed by in situ Li activation during the first charge-Li2Te significantly reduces the electrodeposition/electrodissolution overpotentials and improves Coulombic efficiency|CE.
Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Volkswagen AG (Audi AG))Ingolstadt, Bavaria, GermanyEStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM-v-LFP-692|430 km|m-SSB-by-2026-BEV-"Multi-vendor Strategy"Audi A6 e-tron-Platform Premium Electric|PPE-Battery-NMC-v-LFP-"Multi-vendor strategy"--692|430 km|m-2024-SSB-by 2026.
Stellantis NV (Fiat-Chrylser-Peugot)|STLAHoofdorp, North Holland, NetherlandsEStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM-v-LFP-v-SSB-700|435 km|m WTLP-BEV-"Provisions for multiple battery chemistries"STLA Platform-Medium Platform-400 V-Performance Pack-700|435 km|m-Designed with provisions for future battery chemistries-Nickel|Ni-Cobalt|Co-free-SSBsDS 4-2024-Alfa Romeo SpA-Giuilia-Quadrifoglio-805|500 km|m-2025.
General Motors Company|GE - Mitra Chem-Mitra Future Technologies IncDetroit, Michigan|MI, USA - Mountain View, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFMP-AI-enabledMitra Chem is building the first North American lithium-ion battery materials product company that shortens the lab-to-production timeline by over 90%. Lithium-ion batteries are the key platform technology enabling electrification in transportation, consumer electronics, along with residential, commercial, and grid-scale energy storage. Mitra Chem's first product category is iron-based cathodes for Western battery applications. Iron-based cathodes shift away from the use of elements such as nickel and cobalt, which are facing imminent supply crunches. Mitra Chem takes cathode products from lab to industrial scale faster than the competition by leveraging an in-house machine learning technology advantage to dramatically shorten the R&D timeline. The company’s goal is to transform the cathode from a specialty chemical to a platform technology that differentiates cell performance by end application.
Rivian Automotive Inc|RIVNIrvine, CA, USA-Normal, Illinois|IL, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFP-BEV-644|400 km|m-Max-Commercial-Electric Delivery Van|EDVRivian R1S-Electric SUV-Performance Dual-Motor AWD-665-700 hp-Torque-1124|829 Nm|lb-ft-LiB-LFP-Range-566-644|352-400 km|m -R1T Pickup Truck-Electric Delivery Van|EDV.
Build Your Dreams|BYD Company LtdShenzhen, Guangdong|GNG, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LiB-LiFePO4|LFP Blade Battery-Form Factor-Prismatic-602|374 km|mBYD Blade Battery-LFP-602|374 km|m-BEV-Han AWD EV.
EVE Energy Co LtdHuizhou, GNG, China - Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, HungaryEStorage-Battery-LFP-LMFP-2026EVE Energy-LFP-9-Incl-JV-2-Linyang Energy-SK Innovation-73 GWH-2023-722 GWh-by 2030-LMFP-2024-2025.
Nanjing Guoxuan Holding Group Co Ltd (Gotion High-tech Co Ltd)Zhuhai, GNG, China (Nantong, Jiangsu|JS, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Manganese|Mn-Iron|Fe-Phosphate|K |LMFP-1000 km|621 miles-estGotion Astroinno Battery-L600 LMFP battery cells-Pioneered the 1000 km range without NCM-Based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry-Gotion High-Tech-12-JV-1-VW-69 GWh-2023-674 GWh-by 2030.
Government of Jinan, District of Changzhou, JS, China (Jiangsu Jintan Jincheng Technology Industry Development Co Ltd (China Aviation Lithium Battery Co Ltd|CALB)Changzhou, JS, China (Luoyang, Henan|HA, China)EStorage-Battery-LFPCALB-LFP-688 GWh-by 2030.
Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint Stock Co|JSC Ltd|LISHENTianjin, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LFPLishen Power Battery-LFP-6-23 GWh-2023-756 GWh-by 2030.
Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLNingde, Fujian|FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Manganese|Mn-Iron|Fe-Phosphate|K |LMFP→M3P-Fe↓→Magnesium|Mg, Zinc|Zn, Aluminum|Al-700|435 km|m+CATL-20-Incl-JV-7-Dongfeng-FAW-GAC-Geely-SAIC-Ford-Tesla-433 GWh-2023-3167 GWh-by 2030-CATL is supplying batteries probably to almost all of the Chinese EV manufacturers.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd (Geely Automotive Holdings Ltd (ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding Ltd)|GEELY- Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLHong Kong (Cayman Islands-British Overseas Territories-Incorporated) - Ningde, Fujian|FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Cathode-LFP-BEV-1032|641 km|mCATL-Qilin|Kirin Battery-CATL Qilin|Kirin Battery-LFP-140 kWh-Cell-to-pack battery system|CTP 3.0-Redefined Battery Structure-World’s first module-less battery pack-Fast ion ring-Superelectronic network-Superconducting electrolyte-Improves heat dissipation capacity-BEV-ZEEKR 001-1032|641 km|m
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG|BMW - Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLMunich, Bavaria, Germany - Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, HungaryEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Manganese|Mn-Iron|Fe-Phosphate|K |LMFP→M3P-Fe↓→Magnesium|Mg, Zinc|Zn, Aluminum|Al-700 km|435 miles+
Tesla Inc|TSLA - Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLAustin, Texas|TX, USA - Ningde, FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Manganese|Mn-Iron|Fe-Phosphate|K-M3P-BEV-Tesla Model 3-612 km|380 miles+Tesla Model Y|Juniper-2024
Mercedes-Benz Group AG|MBG - Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLStuttgart, BaWü, Germany - Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, HungaryEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFP-587-729 km|365-453 miles
LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solution Ltd|LGES))Seoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFPLGES-LFP-2170 Cylindrical Cells-by 2025-9-Incl-JV2-Stellantis-Geely-2023-264 GWh-by 2030-1949 GWh-580 GWh worldwide-As early as 2025.
SK Inc (SK Innovation Co Ltd (SK On Co Ltd|SKON))Seoul, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFP-by 2025SK innovation Co Ltd (SK On Co Ltd)-LFP-by 2025-12-Incl-JV-2-Ford-BAIC-147 GWh-2023-1643 GWh-by 2030.
Our Next Energy|ONENovi, MI, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-LFP-750 km|466 milesONE-Battery-LFP-Aries™ battery- Structural Cell to Pack™ to Pack architecture-Highest known cell to pack ratio-76%-Scalable-Energy density-system level-287 Wh/L | Gemini™ battery uses company's proprietary energy management system and chemistry in a dual battery range extender architecture-Yields-Energy density-system level-450 Wh/L-further improving range and cost beyond the Aries™ platform-ONE calculates that Gemini™-BEV-driving range-750 miles on a single charge.
BYD Company Limited (Findreams Battery Co Ltd) - Huaihai Holding Group Co LtdXuzhou, JS, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Sodium-ion|NIB|SIB-BEVs-SmallBYD-Huaihai-To build a sodium-ion battery production base in Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangsu province to jointly create the world's largest supplier of sodium battery systems for micro vehicles.
Hyzon Motors Inc|HYZNRochester, New York|NY, USAEStorage-Fuel Cell System-Hydrogen|H-Electric Drive-Power Module-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stack-Single-200 kWHyzon Heavy-duty Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles|FCEVs-First nine single-stack 200kW Fuel Cell System|FCS)-First nine single-stack 200kW Fuel Cell System|FCS-200kW output from a single stack-i/o-200kW output by coupling two ~110kW FCSs-Hyzon-Proprietary-Automated Roll-to-roll Membrane Electrode Assembly|MEA production line-incl-In-line Inspection-Single Cel lInstallation-Fully automated fuel cell stack manufacturing lines-FCS-Start of Production|SOP-Commercialization-2024.
Ballard Power Systems Inc|BLDPBurnaby, British Columbia|BC, CanadaEStorage-Fuel Cell System-Hydrogen|H-Electric Drive-Power Module-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC-30-200 kWBallard Power Systems FCgen® Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stack-FCveloCity® Motive Modules-30-200 kW-vertical integration from to Complete System Integration-Vertical-Membrane Electrode Assembly|MEA and stack design.
Robert Bosch GmbH - PowerCell Sweden AB|PCLLGerlingen, BaWü, Germany - Göteborg, SwedenEStorage-Fuel Cell System-Hydrogen|H-Electric Drive-Power Module-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stack-Single-100 kWBosch Mobility-Fuel Cell System-Electric Drive-incl-Power Module-Rated Power-above 70 kW-Power Density-0.3 kW/l-Generates electricity from hydrogen in vehicles-Primarily-Commercial Vehicles-Especially-Long-distance applications-Modular-Scalable-Bosch 100 kW Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stacks-PowerCell-Sweden-builds, segment specific fuel cell systems to Marine, Aviation, Power Generation and Off-Road customers.
Nikola Motor Company LLC|NKLA - Robert Bosch GmbHPhoenix, Arizona|AZ, USA - Gerlingen, BaWü, GermanyEStorage-Fuel Cell System-Hydrogen|H-Electric Drive-Power Module-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stack-Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle|FCEV-Truck-Heavy-dutyNikola-Bosch-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck-Class 8 Long Haul-Range-805|500 m|km max-Pilot customer for Bosch Fuel Cell System-Complex fuel-cell stack mass producing technology.
Quantron AG - Ballard Power Systems Inc|BLDPBurnaby, British Columbia|BC, Canada - Gersthofen, Bavaria|BY, GermanyEStorage-Fuel Cell System-Hydrogen|H-Electric Drive-Power Module-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC Stack-Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle|FCEV-Truck-Heavy-Light-dutyQUANTRON FCmove-Proton Exchange Membrane|PEM Fuel Cell Power System-Modules-QHM FCEV-Heavy-duty Truck-44-ton-QLI FCEV-Light-duty Truck-Ballard Power Systems FCgen® fuel cell stacks and FCveloCity® Motive Modules-30-200 kW.
Stadler Rail AG|SRAILBussnang, Thurgau, SwitzerlandEStorage-Traction Battery-Rolling Stock-Range-150-224 km-+-Hydrogen Fuel Cell|HFCStadler FLIRT Akku-Routes without end-to-end electrification-w/Catenary-Standard Operation-Raised pantograph to charge the batteries-w/oCatenary ends-Continues journey in battery mode| FLIRT H2-Sustainable rail operations on routes without an overhead contact line-Hydrogen fuel cells as an energy source-Enables emission-free rail travel on non-electrified lines without any investment in retrofitting overhead contact lines and substations.
Siemens AG (Siemens Mobility GmbH)Munich, Bavaria|BY, GermanyEStorage-Traction Battery-Rolling Stock-Range-"Topographically challenging routes"-80 km-+-Hydrogen Fuel Cell|HFCSeimens-Mireo Plus H Train-Avenio Tram System - Hydrogen-Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (ESS) (HES) - High climatic requirements: 1) Daily temperatures over 50°C; 2) High humidity; 3) High dust load; 4) Occasional heavy rain - Catenary free operation between stations/stops | Non-visible contact line (NVC), Local charging units (LCUs), Regenerative braking - Tram roof: Traction equipment, Re-cooling module, Double-layer capacitors (DLC) roof container, High performance LiB incl. cooling unit, Auxiliary inverter
Soel Yachts BV - Naval DCDelft, South Holland, Netherlands - Hague, South Holland, NetherlandsESS-Solar Electric Yacht-Ocean-going Solar Electric Naval Architecture-Permanent Magnet Synchronous|PMS Electric Drivetrain-Battery-Marine-grade Lithium-polymer|LPBSoel Yachts-PMS Electric Drive Train-High Power Density-Low System Weight-Naval DC Electrical Naval Architure-Ocean-going Solar Photovoltaic|PV-ESS-Advanced Lithium Polymer Battery|LPB System.
BAR Technologies Ltd-WindWingsPortsmouth, Hampshire, UKESupply-Kinetic EH-Wind-Assisted Vessel-Rigid Sail-Sailing Cargo ShipWindWings-Wings-Height-123 feet-Articulated Fiberglass & Metal-Use the force of the wind to create lift and move the ship forward-Applications-Workboat, Commercial Vessels, Shipping-Leisure Marine and Yachts | | |
Norsepower Oy LtdHelsinki, Etela-Suomen, FinlandESupply-Kinetic EH-Wind Assisted Vessel-Rotator Sail-Sailing Cargo ShipNorsepower Rotor Sail™-First commercially available auxiliary wind propulsion solution-Flettner Rotor-Magnus Effect Principle-When wind meets the spinning cylinder-Airflow accelerates on one side of the cylinder-Decelerates on the opposite side-Applications-Bulkers, Tankers, RoRos, Ferries, LNG carriers, RoPaxes, Passenger ships.
AP Møller-Mærsk A/S - HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd|HDHYUNDAI - Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Man Engines & Components Inc)Copenhagen, Denmark - Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea - Stuttgart, BaWü, Germany (Pompano Beach, Florida|FL, USA)ESupply-Green Methanol-Container ShipMærsk-HD Hyundai-MAN-Methanol-enabled container vessel HD Hyundai-2,100 TEU-class methanol-fueled container ship-MAN dual-fuel engine-Top speed-17.4 knots-Laura Maersk-1 of 19 methanol-fueled ships commissioned-AP Møller-Mærsk-Net-zero emissions target-2040.
Hurtigruten Group AS - Government of Norway (Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (Kongsberg Maritime AS)) - Myklebust Verft ASOslo, Norway - Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway - Gursken|Haugsbygda, NorwayEEfficiency-Refit-Passenger Ship-23% cut in CO2 emissionsHurtigruten Coastal Express-MS Richard With-121-metre passenger vessel-Refit programme-Installation-Two hybrid shaft generators-Two SaveEnergy-1,120kWh lithium-ion batteries-Two Bergen B33:45V engines-New tunnel thruster motors-Retractable azimuth thruster-Controllable pitch propeller blades-Plus digital management systems-23% cut in CO2 emissions.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MITCambridge, MA, USAESupply-Aircraft Propulsion-Power Electric Machine-High Power-Turboelectric Propulsion-1 MW-17 kWh/kg-57.4 kgMIT-Design and Manufacturing of a High-Specific-Power Electric Machine for Aircraft Propulsion-Turboelectric-1-MW-Air-cooled-Outer Rotor-Halbach Array-Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine|PMSM for aircraft propulsion.
Lilium NV (Lilium GmbH|LILM) - Ionblox IncWeßling, Bavaria|BY, Germany-Netherlands Incorporated - Fremont, CA, USAESS-Aircraft-ESupply-Electric Propulsion System-EStorage-Battery-Anode-Proprietary pre-lithiated Silicon Oxide|SiO2Lillium Jet-First electric Vertical Take-off and Landing|eVTOL jet-Revolutionary electric propulsion system-Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust|DEVT-Zero-emission-Electric Motor-Single "stage" rotor/stator system-Electric jet engines integrated into the wing flaps provide advantages in payload, aerodynamic efficiency and a lower noise profile, thrust vector control to manoeuvre the Lilium Jet through every phase of flight-Over 100kW-System Weight-just over 4 kg-Starting assembly-Dedicated propulsion facility-092623-Ionblox-Battery-Anode-Proprietary pre-lithiated Silicon Oxide|SiO2-Later generation by the time Lilium Jet goes to production.
Tesla Inc|TSLA - Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLSparks, Nevada|NV, USA - Ningde, FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LFP-500 kWh-High Nickel|Ni 800 kWh battery-Respective Driving Ranges-483-805|300-500 km|m est-Heavy Duty|Class 8 Semi TruckTesla Semi-Class 8 Tractor|Gross weight of 80,000 pounds, including the trailer-Electric Motors-3-one optimized for acceleration and the other two optimized for efficient cruising-LFP-Long Range-805 km|500 miles when fully loaded-Regenerative braking system.
NorthVolt AB - Porsche Automobil Holding SE|PSHG (Volkswagen AG (Traton SE (Scania CV AB)))Stockholm, Sweden - Munich, Bavaria, GermanyEStorage-Battery-LiB-NMC-Proprietary Lingonberry-Cylindrical-PrismaticNorthvolt AB-4-LiB-NMC-Proprietary Lingonberry-Prismatic-Heavy electric vehicles-Validation tests-Demonstrated an outstanding lifetime resulting in the capacity to power trucks for 1.5 million kilometers – equivalent to the truck's whole lifetime.,trucks%20for%201.5%20million%20kilometers
Avalanche Energy LtdTukwila, Washington|WA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Hybrid Electrostatic Confinement-Magnetic-electrostatic Confinement-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-First Prototype-2025q4-0.005 Megawatts Electric|MWe per moduleAvalanche Energy-Orbitron-Modular 5kWe fusion microreactor-Compact-Modular-For hard-to-decarbonize applications-Dualuse, mobile and distributed power applications across air, land, sea, and spac-Including islanded micro-grids in austere/remote environments, electric vehicle battery recharging, and spacecraft power and propulsion.
General Electric|GE Research et al-Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MIT-University of Michigan-University of California Santa Barbara|UCSB-StoragenergyNiskayuna, NY, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium-ion"LiB-Intermetallic solid/solid charge transfer interface material-"Self-healing"InterMetallic MORphogen Tailored Activity Lithium|IMMORTAL Battery-GE Research Developing the IMMORTAL Battery and Self-Healing Metals to Expand Operational Lifetime of Critical Military Systems-...Aluminum alloys.
EneCoat Technologies Co Ltd - Toyota Motor Corporation|TMUji, Kyoto, Japan - Toyota City, Aichi, JapanESupply-Solar Cells-Peroskite|CaTiO3-Vehicle-integrated Photovoltaics|VIPVEnecoat-Toyota develop perovskite solar cells for vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV)-Toyota says it will combine EneCoat’s perovskite solar cells and its own in-vehicle technologies for solar panels. Enecoat has developed a perovskite module conversion efficiency of 19.4%-NGK Insulators-Network-attached storage (NAS) storage specialist-Acquired an unspecified stake in EneCoat-April 2022.
Institute of Physics-Chinese Academy of Sciences|CASBeijing, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LMB-Pouch-Anode-Lithium|Li-Ultrathin-Cathode-Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2-Ultra-thick high discharge capacity-Transport-Multi-Land-AirLiB-Pouch-Anode-Lithium|Li-Cathode-Li1.2Ni0.13Co0.13Mn0.54O2-Ultra-thick high discharge capacity-Areal capacity>10 mAh/cm2- "A 700 W⋅h⋅kg−1 Rechargeable Pouch Type Lithium Battery"-Current advanced practical lithium-ion batteries have an energy density of around 300 W⋅h⋅kg−1. Continuing to increase the energy density of batteries to a higher level could lead to a major explosion development in some fields, such as electric aviation. Here, we have manufactured practical pouch-type rechargeable lithium batteries with both a gravimetric energy density of 711.3 W⋅h⋅kg−1 and a volumetric energy density of 1653.65 W⋅h⋅L−1. This is achieved through the use of high-performance battery materials including high-capacity lithium-rich manganese-based cathode and thin lithium metal anode with high specific energy, combined with extremely advanced process technologies such as high-loading electrode preparation and lean electrolyte injection. In this battery material system, the structural stability of cathode material in a widened charge/discharge voltage range and the deposition/dissolution behavior of interfacial modified thin lithium electrode are studied.
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE|FhG-ISEFreiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg|BaWü, GermanyESupply-Solar Cells-Crystalline Silicon|cSi-Passivated Emitter Rear Contact|PERC-Tunnel-oxide Passivated Contact|TOPCon shingle-Vehicle-integrated Photovoltaics|VIPV-Car HoodFhG-ISE-Solar Cells-Crystalline Silicon|Si-115-watt rated-120-Passivated Emitter Rear Contact|PERC Shingles-Vehicle-integrated Photovoltaics|VIPV-Car Hood-"Any solar cell technology can be used"-IBC-PERC shingle-TOPCon shingle | Solar car roof with highly efficient solar cells. The roof can be coated in any color, with the solar cells integrated invisibly into the preformed solar roof. The Morpho-Color® coating of the glass cover allows the color to be adapted to the vehicle The photovoltaic cells with a nominal power of about 210 W/m² provide sustainable electricity for a daily mileage of about 10 km with an average electric car on a sunny day. Calculated over one year, the driving range can be extended by about 10 percent. - solar cells are completely hidden by a special colored coating and are therefore invisible.The effect inspired by the morpho butterfly is achieved by special surface structures that enable high color saturation with good angular stability. The functionality of the solar roof corresponds to that of a standard metal car roof. The solar cells convert incident solar radiation into electricity, which helps to reduce overheating in the car.-The relative efficiency loss due to the Morpho-Color® glass coating is only seven percent. Due to the shingle interconnection, the module voltage is higher than with a conventional module, making it easier to transform the voltage to the battery voltage. The bonded shingle cells can also compensate well for the large thermal and mechanical loads experienced by a moving vehicle.
SES AI Corporation|SESWoburn, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li-Metal-LMB-Hybrid-Anode-Composite Li-Metal-Fundamentally different lithium dendrite formation mechanism-Electrolye-Semi-solid-High-concentration solvent-in-salt-Fundamentally changes the way lithium dendrites grow-Interface-Protective CoatingSES AI hybrid Li-Metal-SolidEnergy LMB-“Anode-free”-Anode-Ultra-thin Lithium metal foil coated with thin semi-solid electrolyte - Quasi-ionic solid and liquid hybrid electrolyte solution-Apollo is large format EV and eVTOL cells that combine the latest material development from Hermes and the best Li-Metal cell engineering and manufacturing.| In 2021, we introduced the world’s first 100Ah Li-Metal cell.An innovative and proprietary high-concentration solvent-in-salt electrolyte, which fundamentally changes the way lithium dendrites grow-A protective coating that further stabilizes the interface between the electrolyte and Li-Metal anode-A composite Li-Metal anode that has a fundamentally different lithium dendrite formation mechanism
SOLiTHOR NVGenk, Limburg, BelgiumEStorage-Battery-Solid-state|SSB-Anode-Lithium|Li nano-Electrolyte-nano-Solid Composite|nano-SCE)Solithor-Developing solid-state lithium technology with a nano-Solid Composite Electrolyte|nano-SCE-Which is neither a sulfide, an oxide nor a polymer and does not need high operating temperatures to reach high lithium-ion conductivity.
Amprius Technologies Inc|AMPXFremont, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-LiB-Anode-Silicon|Si-500 Wh/kg-BEV-Electric AircraftAmprius-Silicon Anode Platform- Model RD1039-R49 cells-Energy densit-500 Wh/kg -Verified-Independent test and verification lab-Mobile Power Solutions-Beaverton, OR, USA | Ultra-high energy density lithium-ion batteries and their silicon nanowire anodes, and is known for its 100% silicon nanowire technology | LiB-Anode-Silicone-Almost twice the energy density of most EV batteries today.
Singapore University of Technology and Design|SUTDSingaporeEStorage-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|LSB-Multifunctional Iron Phosphide|FeP nanocrystals as an efficient host material to anchor the polysulfides and regulate the polysulfide redox conversionSUTD-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|Li-S-High-rate and ultrastable-Multifunctional Iron Phosphide|FeP nanocrystals-As an efficient host material to anchor the polysulfides and regulate the polysulfide redox conversion.
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology|DGIST - US Department of Energy|DOE (Argonne National Laboratory|ANL)Daegu, Republic of Korea - Lemont, IL, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|LSB-Non-aqueous-Sulfur-impregnated composites of polar platelet ordered mesoporous Silica|pOMS/SxDGIST-ANL-High-energy non-aqueous lithium-sulfur batteries via redox-active interlayer strategy.
Pukyong National University|PKNU - Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute|KERIChangwon, Gyeongsangnam, Republic of Korea - Busan, Republic of KoreaEStorage-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|LSB-Nanocarbon-based S cathodes and P-doped carbon interlayersPKNU-KERI-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|Li-S-Multimodal Capturing of Polysulfides by Phosphorus-Doped Carbon Composites for Flexible High-Energy-Density-Freestanding high-S-loading carbon nanotubes cathodes are assembled with a phosphorus (P)-doped carbon interlayer coated on commercial separators.
Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLNingde, FJ, ChinaESupply-Battery-Condensed Matter-Semi-solid|Almost SSB|ASSB-Assume-Lithium-Sulfur|LSB-500 kWh/kg-BEV-Electric AircraftCATL-Battery-Condensed-Semi-solid-Highly conductive “biomimetic condensed state electrolytes”-500 kWh/kg-Will usher in an era of universal electrification of sea, land and air transportation.
Lyten Inc - Stellantis NV|STLAMSan Jose, CA, USA - Hoofddorp, North Holland, NetherlandsEStorage-Battery-Lithium Sulfur|LSB-Methane|CH3->Carbon|C-Hydrogen|H->Permanently sequestered Carbon|C|3D Graphene "Supermaterial"=EH|NE-Eliminating CO2+Starts a cascade of decarbonization impacts-Inifinitely TunableLytCell™ Lithium-Sulfur EV Battery|EVB-Lyten 3D Graphene™ Supermaterial-Tunable three-dimensional|3D Graphene-Lyten 3D Graphene-Semiconductor industry R&D and proprietary reactor technology-Take Methane|CH3 and transform it into Carbon|C and Hydrogen|H-Carbon|C is permanently sequestered in the form of 3D Graphene Supermaterial-Eliminating CO2 emissions+Starting a cascade of decarbonization impacts, like lightweighting materials and creating higher energy density batteries.
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology-Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics|EmpaDübendorf, SwitzerlandEStorage-Battery-Solid State|SSB-Anode-Silicon|Si-Thin-film-Monolithically-stackedEmpa-Monolithically-stacked thin-film solid-state batteries-Proof-of-concept consisting of two monolithically stacked thin-film cells. Each cell consists of a silicon anode, a solid-oxide electrolyte, and a lithium cobalt oxide cathode-Using a thermo-electric model, we predict that stacked thin-film batteries can achieve specific energies >250 Wh kg−1 at C-rates above 60, resulting in a specific power of tens of kW kg−1 needed for high-end applications such as drones, robots, and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
Northvolt AB (Cuberg-Stanford University-Spin-out-2015-Acquired-2021)Stockholm, Sweden (San Leandro, CA, USA)EStorage-Battery-Soid-state|SSB-Lithium Metal|LMBCuberg-SSBs-High-energy-Dramatic improvements in energy density, safety, cycle life, thermal durability, and materials costs - Innovative electrolyte - Cuberg’s technology replaces the traditional organic electrolyte with a safe and stable blend of non-flammable solvents and salts. Our electrolyte’s chemical stability allows us to combine a high-voltage cathode with a lithium metal anode in an inherently safe design that provides unmatched energy density and reliability.
PolyPlus Battery CompanyBerkeley, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium|Li Seawater |Li/SWB-Anode-Protected Lithium Electrode|PLE-Cathode-Water-activatedPolyplus Lithium Seawater Battery| Li/SWB-The first seawater-activated lithium batteries-by Coupling the PLE with water-activated cathodes<->Combine the Protected Lithium Electrode (PLS) with seawater as the cathode active species. Lithium seawater batteries provide key advantages over other primary batteries (such as lithium thionyl chloride) including a 10X increase in energy density along with inherent safety-Depending on size and form factor, the batteries can reach energy densities of 2000 Wh/kg and >1500 Wh/l-An order of magnitude greater than competing technologies, including Li-ion-Represents a game changing technology for long endurance underwater/subsea applications.
Microlink Devices Inc-HMNiles, IL, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Non-concentrator-Multijunction-Space Solar PowerMicroLink-Space Solar Power-PV Cell-Triple-junction-3-GaInP/GaAs/GaInAs, monolithic, 2-terminal-Terrestrial cell and submodule efficiency-PCE|η-37.8 ± 1.4%-010118-Inverted Metamorphic|IMM solar cells for space applications-Manufactured using our state-of-the-art Epitaxial Lift-off-ELO echnology-Cell Structure-AlInGaP/GaAs/InGaAs-Grown using Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition|MOCVD on a GaAs substrate.
Boeing Company|BA (Spectrolab Inc)-HMArlington, Virginia|VA, USA (Sylmar, CA, USA)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Non-concentrator-Multijunction-Space Solar PowerSpectrolab-Space Solar Power-PV Cell-III–V-4-junction or more-GaAs/InP, bonded, 2.17/1.68/1.40/1.06/0.73 eV-PCE|η=38.80%± 1.2%-070113.
Hanergy Holding Group Ltd (Alta Devices|Always Love The Alternative)-HMBeijing, China (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-'Non-concentrator'-Single JunctionAlta Devices-PV Cell-III-V Compound Semiconductor-GaAs-Crystal-Thin-film-Epitaxial Lift-off|ELO-PCE|η-29.1% ± 0.6%-100118.
Helicity Space CorporationPasadena, CA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion Space Propulsion-Magneto-intertial-Plectoneme-Deuterium|2H-DDHelicity Space Corporation-Developing compact fusion space propulsion and power systems of a spacefaring civilization-Lithium neutron ‘blanket-Fusion Propulsion Rockets-First Plasma achieved-April 2023-Space propulsion prototype demonstration-Commercial Operating Facility-Date-TBD-300 Megawatts Electric|MWe.
Spinlaunch IncLong Beach, CA, USAESupply-Kinetic Space Launch System-Electric-poweredSpinLaunch-Kinetic Energy Launch System-200 kilogram class satellites into low earth orbit-Provide the world's lowest-cost orbital launch service for the rapidly growing small satellite industry-Revisiting fundamental physics and leveraging proven industrial technologies to create a system that accelerates the launch vehicle to hypersonic speeds using ground-based electricity-Applying the initial performance boost from a terrestrial-based launch platform enables us to lower the cost by orders of magnitude and launch many times per day.


Entrant-Owner-Technology ProviderCountry of OriginResearch | ProductResearch - X1Website Link
ClearVuePV Technologies LtdWest Perth, Western Australia|WA, AustraliaESupply-Building Integrated Photovoltaics|BIPV-Solar Integrated Facade-Solar Film TechnologyClearVue-Solar PV Cells-Incorporated around the edges of an Insulated Glass Unit|IGU used in windows and the lamination interlayer between the glass in the IGU incorporates patented proprietary nano and micro particles, as well as its spectrally selective coating on the rear external surface of the IGU-Applications-Automobile, Building & Construction, Agricultural industries.
Nippon Sheet Glass Co Ltd|NSG (Ubiquitous Energy Inc|UE)Tokyo, Japan (Redwood City, CA, USA)ESupply-Solar|PV-Building-Integrated Photovoltaic|BIPV-Solar WindowUbiquitous Energy|UE Power™-The world’s first invisible electricity-generating alternative to traditional windows-Harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for greater energy efficiency-Assuming Perovskite-See-
UCAP Power Inc-Portfolio Company (Maxwell Technologies Korea Co Ltd)-HMSan Diego, CA, USA-Hamilton, Bermuda, Yongin-si, South KoreaESS-EH-Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems|KERS-Recuperative-Braking-Ultracapacitor-based|Supercapacitor+BSSUCAP Power (Maxwell Technologies Korea)-Electro-chemical battery and chemical storage-Woojin Industrial Systems-ESS-Braking energy recuperation systems-Ultracapacitor-based-28-Rated Power-264 MW-Storage Capacity-4 MWh.
Electrovaya Inc|ELVAMississauga, Ontario|ON, CanadaEStorage-Battery-LiB-Hybrid-SSB-Cathode-NMC-Anode-Lithium Metal-Electrolyte-Proprietary solid composite|SCE-Separator-Proprietary Ceramic Separator-Solid Composite Electrolyte|SCE-Heavy Vehicle|HV+Electrovaya Infinity-HV battery-Industry leading energy density with Lithium metal anode, high performance NMC cathode and proprietary solid composite electrolyte-Proprietary Solid State Hybrid Battery Technology-Applications-Materials Handling-e-Mobility-Energy Storage
Sion Power Corporation|SIONTuscon, AZ, USAEStorage-Battery-Lithium Metal|LMBSion Power Licerion® LMB - An advanced approach to lithium-metal batteries containing twice the energy in the same size and weight battery, compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery. At up to 500 Wh/kg, Licerion® batteries are produced at scale in large-format cells-Potential to significantly enhance the performance of BEVs-Commercial-Consumer-Unmanned vehicles-UAV, UGV, UMV-Propulsion systems.
LG Corporation (LG Chem Ltd) - University of California San Diego|UCSD->Unigrid Battery Inc-HMSeoul, Republic of Korea - La Jolla, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-ASSB-LiB-Cathode composite layer-Anode-All Silicon|Si-Carbon|C free-Electrolyte-Sulfide Solid|SSE layerAll solid-state battery|ASSB-Cathode composite layer-Sulfide solid electrolyte layer-Carbon free micro-silicon anode-Laboratory-scale full cell that delivers 500 charge and discharge cycles with 80% capacity retention at room temperature—exciting progress for both the silicon-anode and solid-state battery communities-Holds promise for a wide range of applications from grid storage to electric vehicles.
Wanxiang A123 Systems Asia Co Ltd|Wan Xiang Yi Er San Gu Fen Gong Si-HM Hangzhou, ZJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-LFP-ScalableA123-NEC Energy Solutions-21 | Wanxiang-Our company owns global patents for Super nano lithium iron phosphate and original 7-series ternary material technology, with 700 core patents and more than 500 original invention patents.
Theion GmbHBerlin, GermanyEStorage-Battery-Solid-state|SSB-Pure Sulfur|S Wafer-Anode-Lithium|Li Metal Foil-Electrolyte-Solid-state Polymer-ProprietaryTheion Crystal Battery-Growing a pure Sulfur|S wafer by our Direct Crystal Imprinting|DCi method-No slurry coating-solvents-water-drying-Directly from molten Sulfur|S in a few seconds-Flexibile Process-Can grow any geometrical shape of wafer, and therefore adapted to the customers product shape-proprietary solid-state polymer electrolyte-Gen 1 and Gen 2 Crystal cell-Anode-Lithium|Li metal foil as anode-Technology Roadmap-Gen 1 to Gen 4-Further anode designs-Compatible with bipolar cell arrangement to maximize energy and power content for such cells.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MITCambridge, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-Aluminum|Al-Sulfur|SMIT-Fast-charging Aluminium|Al–chalcogen|Sulfur|S batteries resistant to dendritic shorting-small-scale stationary storage, and ultimately for automotive. |
US Department of Energy|DOE (Argonne National Laboratory|ANL)Lemont, IL, USAEStorage-Battery-Sodium|Na-ion|SIB-Non-aqueous-Cathode-Sodium|Na layered oxideANL-Native lattice strain induced structural earthquake in sodium layered oxide cathodes-NaNi0.4Mn0.4Co0.2O2-Our work indicates an urgent need to revisit the crystallographic structure of sodium /lithium layered oxide cathodes such as strain, oxygen vacancies, nanopores, domain boundaries, and other intrinsic defects, and to understand how they affect common battery phenomenon such as capacity fade and voltage decay/hysteresis.
Reliance Industries Ltd (Reliance New Energy Ltd|RNESL (Faradion Ltd))Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England)EStorage-Battery-Sodium|Na-ion|SIB-Non-aqueousFaradion-Na-ion batteries are ideal for stationary storage applications over a wide temperature range, thanks to their high energy density — both by mass and volume — combined with safety and cost advantages-An excellent drop-in replacement in Low-speed|LSEVs, e-scooters or as batteries for e-rickshaws and e-bikes – offering much greater range and carrying capacity for a similar price.
Natron Energy Inc|NATRONSanta Clara, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Sodium|Na-ion|SIB-Non-aqueous-Cathode|Anode-Prussian Blue-Na ElectrolyteNatron Blue Pack Battery-25kW, 48 volt building block for systems up to 812 volts. Standard configurations are 10-string for 480 volt critical power applications and 14-string configuration for 672 volt industrial application-Having twice the power of lithium-ion, it’s a safer alternative that is also responsibly and ethically sourced. This battery is designed for applications including Data Centers, UPSs, Telecom, EV Fast Charging, Fuel Cells, Motive/GSE, Industrial Power/Decarbonization, Grid Services – Peak Shaving, Dark Starting, Grid Forming, etc.
Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd|CATLNingde, FJ, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Sodium|Na-ion|SIB-Non-aqueousCATL-Sodium-ion Battery-first generation-Energy Density-160 Wh/kg.


Entrant-Owner-Technology ProviderCountry of OriginResearch | ProductResearch - X1Website Link
Brimstone EnergyOakland, CA, USANegative Emissions|NE-Carbon-negative Process-Calcium Silicate|Ca2SiO4 CementBrimstone Process™-Cement Production-Making carbon-negative portland cement with carbon-free Calcium Silicate|Ca₂SiO₄ rock instead of limestone|CaCO₃.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology|AIST-Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute|FREAKoriyama, Fukushima , JapanESupply-Solar Cell Modules-crystalline Silicon|c-Si-polyethylene terephthalate|PET |(C10H8O4)nAIST-Lightweight and flexible crystalline silicon solar cell modules with Polyethylene Terephthalate|PET film* front cover for high reliability in high temperature and humidity conditions-Lightweight, curved crystalline Silicon|c-Si) solar modules-*PET film instead of conventional glass material-Absence of a glass cover->Fabricated modules-Flexible properties.
Blue Frontier LLC|BLUEFRONTIERAmesbury, MA, USAESupply-All Electric Air Conditioner|AC-Refrigeration Effect-Indirect Evaporative AC-Desiccant-Enhanced|Dehumidification|EStorage-Concentrated Salt Solution-Recharged and StoredBlue Frontier-Desiccant-Enhanced Evaporative Air Conditioner|AC System-Combines dew-point-style sensible cooling|refrigeration effect-Evaporative AC-with liquid desiccant|concentrated salt solution dehumidification to reduce electricity use by up to 90%-"The electrification of this technology is a real breakthrough"-Efficient Electrical Regeneration-Desiccant is recharged and stored when electricity is the cleanest or lowest cost, and later used to deliver cooling when electricity is dirty or costly-From the Duck Curve to peak load management, from humidity control to integration of intermittent renewable resources. technology.
Graz University of Technology|TÜGRAZ - Flywheel Energy Storage for EV Fast Charging and Grid Integration|Flygrid ConsortiumGraz, Styria, AustriaESS-Flywheel Energy Storage|FESTÜGRAZ-FlyGrid System-Flywheel Energy Storage|FES for EV Fast Charging and Grid Integration-FlyGrid system-Designed as a fully automatic charging station-FES Device-Spinning mass|Rotor connected to a high efficient motor-generator-Power Inverter-Controls FESS electric machine-Connected to a DC voltage link-Power can be fed from the grid into the flywheel, through an AC/DC converter (plus power factor controller), or directly to the EV if desired-“Vehicle side”-Custom power electronics allows either DC or AC charging, depending on the capabilities of the vehicle-FESS supplies high charging power peaks-Depending on the configuration of the motor generator–Could reach values of several hundred kW-MATRIX CHARGING® System-Transmitts current to the vehicle by easelink-To avoid transmission and power conversion losses, the local renewable electricity can be fed directly into the DV voltage link of the flywheel and either be stored for later use or routed to the EV for immediate charging.
Tianjin University|TJU (Georgia Tech-Shenzhen Institute)Nanshan, Shenzhen|SZ, ChinaESupply-EH-CCUS-Direct Air Capture|DAC-Medium-Cu-ionsTJU-Copper|Cu ions as a medium can significantly increase the carbon capture capacity of the amine functional group. When copper and other transition metal cations are covalently linked to chelating polymers with multiple nitrogen electron donors through Lewis acid-base|LAB interactions, the two positive charges of copper ions are not neutralized, so the coordinated copper ions can serve as an anion exchange adsorption site. The resulting composite material with a polyamine-Cu(II) structure (Polyam-N-Cu2+) can serve as a high-capacity anion adsorbent and bind with CO2 water-soluble molecules (HCO3-/CO32-) through electrostatic and LAB interactions within a wide pH range.
Antora Energy IncSunnyvale, CA, USAEStorage-Thermal|TES-Battery-Carbon|C-block-ModularAntora-Thermal Storage|TES-Ready-to-scale Thermal Battery-Uses excess solar and wind electricity to heat blocks of carbon to glowing-hot temperatures, and discharges electricity or process heat-Thermal Battery-At full scale-Highest temperature demonstrated-Above 1,800°C—Hot enough for “hard-to-decarbonize” sectors-Cement-Steel.
NT Tao Ltd|NTTAOHod Hasharon, Central District, IsraelESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-Modified Stellarator-Compact-Off-grid Energy-Industrial Heat-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-First Operation Facility-Third full prototype finished and in experimental stage-Pilot-2030-10-20 Megawatts Electric|MWenT-Tao is building a compact fusion reactor-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-nT-Tao’s unique solution relies on a proprietary plasma heating method which is expected to reach 1000 times higher density than other fusion reactors, thereby making its fusion reaction 1 million times more effective-Applications-Highly scalable-About the size of a shipping container, ensuring clean fusion energy wherever needed-Off-grid Energy-Industrial Heat | First Operation Facility-Third full prototype finished and in experimental stage-Pilot-2030-10-20 Megawatts Electric|MWe.
Airthium Energy StorageAustin, TX, USAESS-EH-Waste Heat->TES-High-Temperature Heat Pumps|HTHP-Helium|He-Working Gas-Heat Transfer Combinations-Hot Side-Water-Thermal Oil-Cold Side-Molten Salt-Thermal OilAirthium-Industrial Heat-Innovative heat engine-pump|HP-"The power of the sun and wind - stored in a bottle"-Radically new way to perform the compression and decompression of gases-Breakthrough in high-temperature, fast, near iso-thermal gas compression to achieve a near-ideal Ericsson cycle in our heat pump (which is close to the well-known Stirling cycle). | Low cost MW-scale thermodynamic energy storage modules (2020) | Next generation of thermodynamic energy storage, by using a low-cost heat pump with very few moving parts - Store solar and wind energy on site and above-ground for a 24/7 uninterrupted service - "The power of the sun and wind - stored in a bottle" - A radically new way to perform the compression and decompression of gases - Using electricity to power a heat pump and store the heat at 500°C (932°F) in low cost materials-The heat pump then becomes a heat engine to convert the heat back into electricity when it's needed (10x simplified mechanical design compared to existing solutions, thanks to our unique heat pump design with very few moving parts. This drive stems from the reunion of three cutting-edge motor technologies into a single, simplified, combined mechanism) - Low cost: 5 c€/kWh linearized cost of storage (LCOS), equivalent to a CAPEX of 100 €/kWh - 25-year life cycle: 12,000 cycles and more.
H2 Green Steel AB|H2GSBoden, Norrbotten, SwedenESS-Solar|Wind->Water Electrolysis->Hydrogen|H-> TanksH2 Green Steel-Startup building a large-scale fossil-free steel factory-including a sustainable hydrogen facility-Production starting in 2024-Targeting large European OEMs.
Svenskt Stål AB|SSAB - Vattenfall AB - Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag|LKAB (Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology|Hybrit Development AB-JV)Luleå, Norrbotten, SwedenESS-Solar|Wind->Water Electrolysis->Hydrogen|H-> Lined Rock Cavern|LRCHybrit-Fossil Free Fuel-Hydrogen-powered Steel Production-Scaling up-Luleå, Sweden-Fossil-free value chain for steel production-Energy Supply-Wind|Solar-Water Electrolysis-> Hydrogen->Lined Rock Cavern storage.
Toyota Motor Corporation|TM - Chugai Ro Co Ltd|CHUGAIToyota City, Aichi, Japan - Osaka, JapanESupply-Hydrogen-Fuel-Combustion Mechanism-BurnerToyota-Chugai Ro-Hydrogen|H2 Burner-Fuel -A burner structure that takes advantage of the properties of hydrogen fuel-The world's first general-purpose hydrogen burner-Newly developed burners incorporate two new structures that enable hydrogen to combust more slowly-Small holes are opened in the pipes that supply hydrogen to the burner, enabling small volumes of hydrogen and oxygen to pre-combust. Oxygen concentrations are consequently reduced to an optimal 19-percent level for main combustion, resulting in a lower flame temperature-The new burners also have zero CO2 emissions and greatly reduced NOx emissions2, resulting in outstanding environmental performance.for industrial use in collaboration with C. The burner will be used from today at the forging line in Toyota's Honsha Plant
Rio Tinto Plc|RIO - Sumitomo Corp|SSUMYYarwun, Gladstone Region, Queensland, Australia - Tokyo, JapanESupply-Hydrogen-Fuel-Combustion Mechanism-BurnerYarwun-Hydrogen|H2 Calcination Pilot Demonstration Program-Gladstone hydrogen pilot plant -2.5MW on-site electrolyzer to supply hydrogen to the Yarwun refinery and a retrofit of one of Yarwun’s four calciners so it can operate at times with a hydrogen burnerDemonstrating the viability of using hydrogen in the calcination process, where hydrated alumina is heated to temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius-Testing whether hydrogen can replace natural gas in Queensland alumina refineries.
Occidental Petroleum|OXY (Oxy Low Carbon Ventures LLC (1PointFive USA LLC (Carbon Engineering Ltd-Acquired-August 2023)))Houston, TX, USA (Vancouver, British Columbia|BC, Canada)ESS-EH|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-Direct Air Capture|DAC-Air Contractor->Potassium Hydroxide|KOH solution->Chemically binds with the CO2 molecules-Removing them from the air-Trapping them in the liquid solution as a Carbonate Salt|CO₃²⁻-incl-ESS-Green Hydrogen production-Sustainable fuel synthesisCarbon Engineering|CE-Two types of plants-1-Direct Air Capture|DAC and storage plants deliver the captured atmospheric CO2 to durable forms of storage. There are a number of forms of CO2 storage, but CE’s main focus is to create permanent carbon removal by burying the CO2 deep underground through secure geologic storage-2-AIR TO FUELS™ plants combine CE DAC technology with hydrogen generation and fuel synthesis capabilities to deliver low carbon intensity synthetic fuel.
Heirloom Carbon Technologies IncBrisbane, CA, USANegative Emissions|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-Direct Air Capture|DAC-ES-CO2 Absorption-Lime|CaCO3-Storage-UndergroundHeirloom Carbon Technologies-Limestone-One of the world’s most abundant and inexpensive minerals-To capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere, and then permanently and safely store the CO2 underground or in materials like concrete.
Global ThermostatBrighton, Colorado|CO, USANegative Emissions|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-Direct Air Capture and Storage|DAC-ES-Solid Adsorption Process-CO2 Capture|CCGlobal Thermostat-Direct Air Capture and Storage|DAC-ES-Solid Adsorption Process-CO2 Capture|CC-Industrial fans deliver air to our CO2 contactors at high speeds-Customized surface geometry & sorbents optimize CO2 capture-Fast delivery of low-temperature heat releases the CO2 for sequestration or use.
CarbonCapture IncPasadena, CA, USANegative Emissions|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-Direct Air Capture and Storage|DAC-ES-Machine-Solid Sorbents|S-FilterCarbonCapture-DAC machines employ solid sorbents in a cyclic process that efficiently filters CO2 out of the atmosphere-Deeply Modular Platform-Components designed for high volume manufacturing .
Climeworks AG - City of Reykjavik (Carbfix hf)Zürich, Switzerland - Reykjavik, IcelandNegative Emissions|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-Direct Air Capture and Storage|DAC-ES-FilterCarbfix-Climeworks-Direct Air Capture|DAC) technology-Carbfix's carbonated water reacts with rocks underground and releases available cations such as calcium, magnesium and iron into the water stream. Over time, these elements combine with the dissolved CO2 and form carbonates filling up the empty space (pores) within the rocks-injected-Carbonated water is denser than the surrounding water in the geological formation and therefore has the tendency to sink after it has been injected--CarbFix pilot project-At least 95% of the injected CO2 mineralizes within two years, much faster than previously thought.
Kjell Inge Røkke (TRG Holding AS (Aker ASA)-Aker Carbon Capture ASALysaker, Østlandet, NorwayESS-EH|NE-CO₂ Removal|CDR-Carbon Capture|CCAker-Advanced Carbon Capture™-Proprietary Process Technology-Water and organic amine solvents mixture to absorb the CO₂-Aker Carbon Capture solvents and utilizing key features such as the patented Anti-Mist system provides more than 90 percent of the CO₂ with best in class environmental performance-Applications-Various Source Emissions-Gas-Coal-Cement-Refineries-Waste-to-energy through to hydrogen and other process industries.
Avnos IncSanta Monica, CA, USANegative Emissions|NE-CO2 Removal|CDR-CCUS-DAC-Hybrid|HDAC-Moisture Swing Adsorbent-Positive CO2 Removal-Novel Solid Adsorbent+Water i/o Heat CO2 desorptionAvnos-Carbon Capture|CC-Hybrid Direct Air Capture|HDAC of CO2 technology, which produces liquid distilled water as it removes CO2 from the ambient air-Fully electrified solution pulls legacy carbon emissions plus water directly out of the air anywhere on Earth-The system is built around modules about the size of a 20-foot shipping container that pull in ambient air and run it through a series of filters-Water condensation, similar to what occurs in a dehumidifier, is collected, pumped out and stored, and the CO2 flows into tanks-5-to-1 ratio of water produced for every ton of captured CO2.
Quidnet Energy IncHouston, TX, USAEStorage-Long Duration|LDES-Modular Pumped Water-non-Hydro-Energy Storage Reservoirs-Subsurface Rock LayersQuidnet-Module-Geomechanical Pumped Water-non-hydro Storage-When electricity is abundant, it is used to pump water from a pond down a well and into a body of rock->The well is closed, keeping the energy stored under pressure between rock layers for as long as needed->When electricity is needed, the well is opened to let the pressurized water pass through a turbine to generate electricity, and return to the pond ready for the next cycle | Widely deployable at very low cost. Subsurface rock layers are converted into energy storage reservoirs for large-scale renewables integration and grid management-Can be deployed across diverse geographic areas on small footprints to provide custom grid support where needed-1-10 MW modules for flexible and precise deployment onto the grid similar to wind turbine scaling-Entire Quidnet module is built on conventional drilling technology and off-the-shelf hydropower equipment. Facilities operate with closed-loop water systems, designed for conservation against evaporative loss. The energy-storing rock bodies are non-hydrocarbon bearing and found abundantly throughout the world, intersecting with major electricity transmission and distribution hubs.
Gravitricity LtdEdinburgh, Scotland, UKEStorage-Long Duration|LDES-Gravity StoraHydrogen-Underground-Existing Mine ShaftsGraviStore-H2 FlexiStore underground* hydrogen storage technology-Uses the geology of the earth-the power of gravity-to offer some of the best characteristics of lithium batteries and pumped hydro storage-Ideally suited to network-constrained users and operators, distribution networks and major power users, our technology operates in the 1MW to 20 MW power range and enables existing grid infrastructure to go further in a renewable energy world-*Underground=Existing Mine Shafts.
Energy Vault® Holdings Inc|NRGVWestlake Village, CA, USAEStorage-Gravity Energy|GESS-ES-Duration-Long|LDES+Short|SDES-ContainerizedEnergy Vault®-LDES-EVx™ Gravity Energy Storage System|GESS-Mechanical process of lifting and lowering composite blocks to store and dispatch electrical energy-Proprietary AC block architecture-Designed to maximize energy density with a unique modular form factor selected to streamline site installation and deployment-LDES-SDES-Optimized for industrial and utility-scale deployments.
Helion Energy IncEverett, WA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magneto-intertial-Field Reversed Configuration-Deuterium|2H-Helium|He|DHe3-Planned energy capture approach-Direct Energy Conversion-Pilot-7th fusion prototype- Polaris-2028-First Operation Facility-At least 50 Megawatts Electric|MWeHelion Energy Inc-Currently building a 7th fusion prototype, Polaris, which is expected to be the first fusion device to demonstrate electricity production from fusion-Building the world’s first fusion power plant to enable a future with unlimited clean electricity-Operational in 2028. Microsoft will be the end customer of the electricity delivered from this WA-based facility.
Hunan University|HNU - Clemson University|CLEMSON - Central South University|CSU-CNChangsha, Hunan|HN, China - Clemson, South Carolina|SC, USA - Changsha, HN, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Potassium-ion|KIB-Aqueous-Cathode-Surface-substituted Prussian Blue Analogue|PBA-Potassium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate K1.82Mn[Fe(CN)6]0.96·0.47H2O-Iron|Fe substituted for Manganese|MnHNU-Clemson-Central South University-Surface-substituted Prussian Blue Analogue|PBA cathode for sustainable potassium-ion batteries-Cathode-Potassium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate K1.82Mn[Fe(CN)6]0.96·0.47H2O-Featuring an in situ cation engineered surface where iron is substituted for manganese->Engineered surface, the cathode design exhibits a discharge capacity of 160 mAh g−1 and 120 mAh g−1 at 300 mA g−1 and 2,500 mA g−1, respectively, and sustains 130,000 cycles (more than 500 days) with negligible capacity loss-May open an avenue for the rational design of high-performance cathode materials with redox-active manganese for rechargeable batteries.
Engie SA (Green Charge Networks|GCN)-HMLa Défense, Courbevoie, France (Santa Clara, CA, USA)EStorage-BESS-LiB-DistrictEngie Storage (Green Charge Networks|GCN)-63-83 MW-1140 MWh-LiB-Software Algorithm-Advanced patented software algorithms and analytics, deploys, owns, operates, and optimizes battery systems at commercial & industrial (C&I) and public sector customer sites.
CMBlu Energy AGAlzenau, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, GermanyESS-Solar|Wind-Park-Battery-Long Duration Energy Storage|LDES-Scalable-Redox flow Batteries|RFB-Electrolyte-Lignin-derived Organic Polymer MoleculesCMBlu Energy-First operational system using its Organic SolidFlow battery technology, to a 15MW hybrid wind and solar park, Schattendorf, in the Burgenland state of eastern Austria-Battery uses proprietary organic flow technology, whereas most flow battery technologies use vanadium such as those from Invinity Energy Systems, although flow batteries with some other electrolye chemistries are on the market such as zinc bromine (Redflow) and iron (ESS Inc). CMBlu won its first US deal in February this year, securing an order for a system to be installed at a thermal plant in Wisconsin-Former redox flow batteries use metals. Our Organic SolidFlow batteries take a novel approach: Instead of metal ions, an Organic SolidFlow battery uses carbon-based molecules for its electrolytes.


Entrant-Owner-Technology ProviderCountry of OriginResearch | ProductResearch - X1Website Link
Honeywell International Inc|HON - ESS Tech Inc|GWHCharlotte, North Carolina|NC, USA - Wilsonville, Oregon|OR, USAEStorage-Battery-Iron|Fe Flow|IFBHoneywell-ESS Tech-Long-duration Energy Storage|LDES-Iron Flow Battery Energy Storage System Deployment.
ASEA Brown Boveri Ltd|ABB-Honorable Mention|HMZürich, SwitzerlandEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-LFP-NMCABB eStorage Max-BESS-LFP-NMC-Large-scale-Pre-engineered-Modular-Designed to significantly reduce imbalances in the grid that cause power interruptions to enable local industrialization and economic growth-Also supports the integration of renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, into the grid.
Hitachi Ltd - Yokohama National Unviersity|YNUTokyo, JapanEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-LiB-Electrolyte-Organic Solid Non-volatile-Sulfolane|SL-C4H8O2S -Lithium Salt Mixture|Li(SL)3TFSAHitachi-YNU-Organic Solid electrolyte using YNU Sulfolane-Focusing on Li-ion hopping conduction between molecules in sulfolane-Applied this feature to an organic solid electrolyte and confirmed the selective conduction of Li ions-As a result-Successfully designed and prototyped an organic solid electrolyte that reduced the low-viscosity solvent by 60% while maintaining the high conductivity of the Li ions | Hitachi-BESS-8-67 MW-100 MWh-incl-e-mesh™ PowerStore™.
Sumitomo Electric Industries LtdOsaka, JapanEStorage-Battery-Redox Flow|RFB-Vanadium|VRFBSumitomo Electric Industries Ltd-5-23,200 MW-VRFB- Solar PV, Wind-Capacity Firming, Time Shift, Onsite RE Generation Shifting, Voltage Support, Electric: Bill Management, Supply Capacity + One of the world’s biggest vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage systems has come online on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in the last few days. Technology provider Sumitomo Electric said that the 17MW/51MWh VRFB system it installed to help integrate local wind energy onto the grid has been in operation since 1 April after installation was finished a day earlier.
Saltbae Capital Corp|CUBE-formerly-Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH-Assets-CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc (Enerox GmbH-, ON, Canada (Bielefeld, NRW, Germany)EStorage-Battery-Redox Flow|RFB-Vanadium|VRFBGildemeister-CellCube-16-2,985 MW-VRFB Energy Storage Cluster-Freestanding PV Plant | Solar Inverter ESS-DMG Industrial Smart (Micro-) Grid))-Onsite Renewable Generation Shifting, Grid-Connected Commercial (Reliability & Quality), Electric: Energy Time Shift, Electric Supply Capacity, Frequency Regulation, Renewables Capacity Firming | Saltbae Capital Corp., formerly CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc., is a Canada-based company. The Company's acquisition of the assets of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH has transformed the Company and its subsidiary, Enerox GmbH, into an integrated resource and energy storage company. The Company is focused to deliver vertically integrated energy storage solutions to utilities and independent power producers for both, stand-alone energy storage projects, as well as projects where energy storage enhances the value proposition from renewable energy generation.
Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Group Co LtdHuayuankou Economic Zone
Dalian, Liaoning|LN, China
EStorage-Battery-Redox Flow|RFB-Vanadium|VRFBDalian Rongke Power-8-2074 MW-8163 MWh-VRFB Energy Storage System-incl-World's largest VFB-Onsite.
US Department of Energy|DOE (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center|SLAC)Menlo Park, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Zinc|Zn-ion|ZiB-Zn2+ charge-storage mechanism-Vanadium|V-based Na+ Superionic Conductor|NASICON-Na3V2(PO4)3SLAC-Identifying positive electrode materials capable of reversible multivalent electrochemistry in electrolytes containing divalent ions such as Mg2+, Ca2+, and Zn2+ at high operating potentials remains an ongoing challenge in “beyond lithium-ion” research-Herein, we explore the Zn2+ charge-storage mechanism of a vanadium-based Na+ superionic conductor (NASICON), Na3V2(PO4)3-The results of this work present a comprehensive understanding of the charge-storage properties for a well-established NASICON structure that confers both the high capacity (∼100 mA h g–1) and high potential (1.35 and 1.1 V vs Zn/Zn2+).
Eos Energy Enterprises Inc|EOSEEdison, New Jersey|NJ, USAEStorage-Battery-BESS-Grid-scale|GSB-ZnBr FB-Zinc|Zn Hybrid Cathode-Carbon-felt Z3 Electrodes-Anode-Conductive Plastic-Electrolyte-Aqueous-High purity Zinc-Bromide|ZnBrEOSE Z3 Battery-Zinth-Zinc Hybrid Cathode.
Elestor BVArnhem, Gelderland, NetherlandsEStorage-Battery-Flow-Hydrogen Bromine|HBr FBElestor-Electrochemical single cells-Connected in series-Electrolyte-HBr-During the charging phase-HBr split into hydrogen ions and bromide ions->Hydrogen ions cross then the membrane, absorb an electron, and are stored as hydrogen gas in a separate tank-Resulting bromine (Br2) is then dissolved in the same tank as the HBr-During the discharging phase-Hydrogen is recombined with bromine forming HBr again, and the stored energy is then released-Membrane surface area determines the power of the system-Combines electrolyzer and fuel cell functionality with one single membrane-Scalable-Tank volumes determine the capacity-Both can be designed independently in any desired combination-Plans to build a gigawatt-scale production facility at an unspecified location-
First Solar Inc|FSLRTempe, Arizona|AZ, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-l-Thin-Film Technologies|TFT-Cadmium Telluride|CdTeFirst Solar-PV Cell-TFT-Cadmium Telluride|CdTe-PCE|η=22.30%-020123.
LONGi Green Energy Technology Co LtdXi'an, Shaanxi|SN, ChinaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-crystalline Silicon|cSi-Heterostructures|HITLONGi-PV Cell-crystalline Silicon|cSi-Heterostructures|HIT-n-type HJT4-PCE|η-26.81 ± 0.4%-100122.
Leibniz Universität Hannover (Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin|ISFH)Emmerthal, Lower Saxony|NI, GermanyESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Non-concentrator-Silicon|Si-Crystalline-Single crystalISFH-PV Cell-Non-concentrator-Silicon|Si-Crystalline-Single Crystal-p-type rear-IBC-PCE|η-26.1 ± 0.3%-020118. |
Nanjing University|NJU-Spin-out-Renshine Solar (Suzhou)Nanjing, Jiangsu|JS, ChinaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-Perovskite/perovskite-2-termNJU-PV Cell-Perovskite/perovskite-2-term-PCE|η-29.1 ± 0.5%<-28.2 ± 0.5%-Surpassing traditional silicon cells for the first time | Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Module-Multijunction-Other-Perovskite/perovskite-minimodule-NanjingU/Renshine-2-term-PCE|η-24.5 ± 0.6%.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology|KAUSTThuwal, Saudi ArabiaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-MultijunctionKAUST-PV Cell-Multijunction-Tandem-Monolithic-Perovskite/Si-2-term-PCE|η-33.7 ± 1.1%-050123. |
University of Science and Technology of China|USTCHefei, Anhui|AH, ChinaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3USTC-PV Cell-Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3-na-PCE|η=26.10%-051023.
Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research|TNO-Delft University of Technology-Eindhoven University of Technology|TU/e-Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre|Imec (Solliance Consortium)The Hague, Netherlands - Delft, Netherlands - Eindhoven - Leuven, BelgiumESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Perovskite|crystalline Silicon|c-SiSolliance-PV Cell-Perovskite combined with a crystalline Silicon|c-Si solar cell-4-terminal tandem configuration-PCE|η-30.1%.
Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd-HMOxford, UKESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Tandem-Monolithic-2-term-Perovskite/SiOxford PV-PV Cell-Emerging PV-Tandem-Monolithic-2-term-Perovskite/Si-(Large)-PCE|η-29.5%-121420. |
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE|FhG-ISEFreiburg im Breisgau, BaWü, GermanyESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Multijunction-Perovskite/Perovskite/SiliconFhG-ISE-PV Cell-Multijunction-3-Perovskite/Perovskite/Silicon-Monolithic-Two Terminal-PCE|η=30.0%.
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie|HZBBerlin, GermanyESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-Monolithic-Two-terminal-Perovskite/Silicon|Si TandemHZB-PV Cell-Monolithic-Two-terminal-Perovskite/Silicon|Si Tandem-PCE|η=32.50%-070623.
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie|HZB-HMBerlin, GermanyESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Multijunction-Perovskite/CIGS Tandem-Monolithic-2-terminalHZB-PV Cell-Multijunction-Perovskite/CIGS Tandem-Monolithic-2-terminal-PCE|η-24.2 ± 0.7%-010120.
Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology|UNISTUlsan, Republic of KoreaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3UNIST-PV Cell--Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3-na-PCE|η=25.80%-111622.
Chinese Academy of Sciences|CAS-Institute of Semiconductors|IOSBeijing, ChinaSolar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Thin-film|TF-Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3CAS-PV Cell-Thin-film|TF-Perovskite|Calcium Titanium Oxide|CaTiO3-PCE|η-26.0 ± 0.5%-030123.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL - Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique|CSEM - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne|EPFL-HMGolden, CO, USA - Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Lausanne, Vaud, SwitzerlandSolar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-MultijunctionNREL-CSEM-EPFL-PV Cell-Multijunction-III-V/Si-Mechanical stack 4-terminal-GaInP/GaAs/Si-PCE|η-35.9% ± 0.5%-020117.
Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique|CSEM - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne|EPFL-HMNeuchâtel, Switzerland - Lausanne, Vaud, SwitzerlandESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Module-Solar Cell-Perovskite/Si-TandemCSEM-EPFL-PV Cell|Module-Perovskite/Si-Tandem-Monolithic-2-term-PCE|η=31.30%-061722.
Evolar AB - Uppsala University|UUUppsala, Sweden - Uppsala, SwedenESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV-Cell-Thin-Film Technologies|TFT-TandemEvolar-UU-PV Cell-Thin-Film Technologies|TFT-Tandem-I-III-VI2 Semiconductor Material-Chalcogenide-Copper Indium Gallium (di)Selenide|CIGS-PCE|η-23.6 ± 0.4%-010523-Scalable.
US Department of Energy|DOE (National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL)Golden, CO, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Non-concentrator-MultijunctionNREL-PV Cell-Non-concentrator-Multijunction-3-4-2-junction-GaInP/mqw-GaAs/GaInAs-PCE|η=39.46%-092321 | -4-junction or more-AlGaInP/AlGaAs/GaAs/GaInAs (2.15/1.72/1.41/1.17/0.96/0.79 eV) 6j Inverted metamorphic-PCE|η=39.20%-030119 | -2-junction-GaInP/GaAs-PCE|η=32.90%-010120.
Zap EnergyEverett & Mukilteo, WA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Power Plants-Magnetic confinement-Sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DTZap Energy-Fusion power-Doesn’t require magnets, cryogenics or high-powered lasers-Breakthrough technology confines and compresses plasma without costly and complex magnetic coils-Planned energy capture approach-Liquid metal with heat exchange-First Operation Facility-Pilot-Feasiblity-~50 Megawatts Electric|MWe per module-Allowing scaling from small plants to GWe500.
NK Labs LLCCambridge, MA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Muon-catalyzed|μCF|MCF-with high density fuel-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DTNK Labs LLC-Developing muon-catalyzed fusion* for production of clean energy and clean fuels--Planned energy capture approach-Liquid metal with heat exchange-First Operation Facility-Pilot-2032-First Operation Facility-100 Megawatts Electric|MWe. | A muon* is a short-lived subatomic particle with the same charge as an electron but 206 times the mass. When bound to an atomic nucleus, it orbits much closer to the nucleus than an electron does. In the context of a deuterium-tritium molecule, this screens the electric charge and reduces the “Coulomb barrier” that ordinarily prevents the nuclei from fusing. When a muon stops in a mixture of deuterium and tritium, even at ordinary temperatures, it causes nuclear fusion. In most cases, the muon is released following a fusion reaction and will catalyze additional fusions, but roughly 0.8% of the time it sticks to a resulting alpha particle and is removed from the catalytic cycle-Reducing this “sticking rate” by varying environmental conditions could open the door to a viable, cost-effective µCF reactor concept.
Tas Energy Inc-Honorable Mention|HMHouston, TX, USAEStorage-Thermal|TES-Sensible Heat-PCM-Chilled WaterTAS Energy-Generation Storage™-Chilled Water TES- 2-111 MW-990 MWh (incl. retrofit - Hybrid refrigeration system including a combination of absorption chillers, an electric chiller and a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank, custom built filter houses with cooling coils and a heat recovery coil retrofit
Ice Energy Holdings Inc-Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed-December 2019-HMSanta Barbara, CA, USAEStorage-Thermal|TES-Latent heat-Phase Change Material|PCM-IceIce Energy-Thermal Energy Storage-TES-PCM-Ice-95-16,042 MW.
DN Tanks LLC-HMGrand Prairie, TX, USAEStorage-Thermal|TES-Latent Heat-Phase Change Material|PCM-Ice-Chilled WaterDN Tanks-Thermal Energy Storage-TES-Chilled Water-18-1,113 MW, 12,376 MWh.
Polar Night Energy Oy|PNETampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland | Kankaanpää, Satakunta, FinlandESS-Hybrid-Solar|PV-Wind-Thermal|TES-Hot SandPolar Night Energy-World’s first “sand battery”-Thermal Energy Storage|TES facility that can store clean energy for months at a time-high-tech storage tank essentially uses cheap electricity from solar and wind to heat up sand, which then stores the heat at around 500°C, which can be used to warm local buildings in the winter months when energy is at its most costly.
Brenmiller Energy Ltd|BNRGRosh HaAyin, Central District, IsraelESS-ESupply-Solar|PV-Wind-Biomass, Flue Gas-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Crushed RockBrenmiller Energy thermal storage bGen™ technology-bGen unit-Charged from RE sources-Electrical-PV, wind, or grid at off-peak-Thermal-Biomass, flue-gas, heat recovery, or any combination of these inputs-Energy Captured using electrical heaters and gas pipings which runs through the storage modules and transfer its heat to the storage media at high temperature of up to 750°|1380° c|F. In parallel or hours later, steam is discharged to meet customer’s demand.
Ingersoll Rand Inc (Trane Technologies Plc (Calvin ‘Cal’ MacCracken Corp|CALMAC))-HMDavidson, North Carolina|NC, USA (Swords, Ireland (Fair Lawn, New Jersey|NJ, USA))EStorage-Thermal|TES-Latent Heat-Phase Change Material|PCM-Ice-Chilled WaterCALMAC-Ice Bank® Energy Storage-Thermal energy storage|TES-Latent Heat-Phase Change Material|PCM-Ice-Chilled Water-29-593 MW-3,943 MWh.
Sichuan Normal University|SICNU - University of Cambridge|UCChengdu, Sichuan|SC, China - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UKESS-ESupply-Hybrid-Solar-Photovoltaic|PV-Liquid Air Energy Storage|LAESSICNU-UC-Liquid Air Energy Storage|LAES system for deep decarbonization-New Hybrid System-Hybrid photovoltaic-PV-LAES-Local PV power plant cooperates with its Maximum Power Point Tracking |MPPT-based boost converter, to generate low-carbon electricity with some uncertain fluctuations-Then a zero-emission-air-based LAES unit is used to absorb the surplus power from the PV plant, and also compensate power for the local load with inadequate power level-PV-LAES-proposed 2-MW.
Cummins Inc|CMI (Accelera (Hydrogenics Corporation-Acquired 100%-June 2023))Columbus, IN, USA (Missassauga, ON, Canada)ESS-Power-to-Gas-Hydrogen-Electrolyzer-Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFCCummins (Hydrogenics) HyLYZER®-Hydrogen Storage-Power-to-Gas-Membrane Electronics-Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEMFC-Water Electrolysis to H2 - Power to Gas-Hydrogen Storage - 9.6 MW, 8 installations - Renewables Capacity Firming, Frequency Regulation, Transportation Services | Cummins HyLYZER® PEM electrolyzer system in Bécancour, Quebec is the largest operating electrolyzer in the world. | Hydrogenics-8-80 MW-674 MWh.
Vienna University of Technology|TÜWIENVienna, AustriaEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Oxygen-ion|OiB-Cathode-La0.6Sr0.4FeO3−δ|LSF-Anode-La0.5Sr0.5Cr0.2Mn0.8O3−δ|LSCrMnTÜWIEN-Rechargeable Oxide Ion Batteries Based on Mixed Conducting Oxide Electrodes-Mixed ionic electronic conducting|MIEC Perovskite-type oxides are studied extensively as electrode materials in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) or solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) and as oxygen permeation membranes-A full oxide ion battery was fabricated with LSF cathode and LSCrMn anode-MIEC oxides can act as electrochemical oxygen storage electrodes if oxygen exchange with the atmosphere is inhibited. This was shown for different MIEC thin film electrodes, grown on YSZ electrolyte substrates, covered by an oxygen blocking zirconia layer and characterized at 350 to 500 °C. La0.6Sr0.4FeO3−δ (LSF) was investigated as a model cathode and the charge/voltage characteristics were in very good agreement with those predicted by chemical capacitance measurements and defect chemical models. Capacities of up to 277 mA h cm−3 (45 mA h g−1) were found at a half cell potential of −0.3 V vs. 1 bar O2. La0.5Sr0.5Cr0.2Mn0.8O3−δ (LSCrMn) anodes exhibited even higher capacities of up to 390 mA h cm−3 (65 mA h g−1) at a half cell potential of −0.65 V. Both electrodes showed very good cycling performance with coulomb efficiencies above 99 %.
EnerVenue IncFremont, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Metal Hydrogn|Ni-H2-Large FormatEnerVenue-Energy Storage Vessels™|ESVs-Battery-Large Format-Metal-Hydrogen-Nickel-hydrogen|Ni-H2-Ultra-long 30-year 30,000-cycle expected lifespan-Projected 86% capacity after 30,000 full cycles-Configurable, scalable product architecture make Energy Storage Vessels the ideal building block for system integrators of all sizes and business models
Tesvolt AG - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Samsung SDI Co Ltd|SAMSUNGSDI)Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany - Yongin, Gyeonggi, South KoreaEStorage-Battery Storage System-LiB-NMC-ModularTESVOLT-A-Series|E-Series Battery Storage Systems-SAMSUNG SDI-Optimized Cell Chemistry-Prismatic high-performance cells-Lithium NMC-Tesvolt Dynamix Battery Optimizer|DBO-Active Battery Optimizer|ABO-Battery Management System|BMS-Maximum storage capacity without loss of efficiency even after years of service-Particularly conservative and loss-free cell balancing ensures an efficiency rating of 98% and a lifespan of 30 years or 8,000 full cycles-Modular-As storage requirements increase-Individual modules can be easily retrofitted with no loss of efficiency-Applications-Grid, Commerce, Industry, Agriculture | Samsung-35-1747 MW-5273 MWh.
SolarEdge Technologies Inc (Kokam Co Ltd)-HMHerzliya, Isreal (Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea)EStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-NMCSolarEdge Technologies Inc (Kokam)-28-1086 MW-1566 MWh.
General Electric Company|GE (GE Renewable Energy)Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, FranceESS-Hybrid-Solar-Wind-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-LiBGE Energy Storage-FlexReservoir-Utility-scale energy storage solution-GSB-LiB-Mostly-Hybrid ESS-Solar-Wind-integrated-15-550 MW-1093 MWh.
Canadian Solar Inc|CSIQ (e-STORAGE)Guelph, Ontario|ON, CanadaESS-ESupply-Solar PV+Battery Energy Storage Systems|BESS-Containerized-LFP Batterye-STORAGE-SolBank Energy Storage System-Containerized Energy Storage Product-Durable and high cycle capacity LFP cells-Industry-leading active balancing Battery Management System|BMS-Thermal Management System|TMS-Innovative Liquid+Air cooling.
BYD Company LimitedShenzhen, GNG, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Advanced LFP|LiFePO4BYD-LFP|Blade Battery-Grid-Micro-grid-543 MWh Cube Pro-Liquid-cooled Energy Storage System|ESS-Cell to System|CTS Technology. | GSB-50-1727 MW-4162 MWh.
University of Wollongong|UOW - Liaoning Starry Sky Sodium-ion Battery Co Ltd - Australian Synchrotron|ANSTO - Henan University|HENUNorth Wollongong, New South Wales|NSW, Australia - Anshan, Liaoning|LN, China - Clayton, Victoria|VIC, Australia - Kaifeng, Henan|Yu, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Sodium-ion|SIB-Cathode-Prussian Blue Analogue|PBA-Sodium-rich Na2−xFeFe(CN)6-Highly Crystalline Microcube-Rhombohedral StructureUOW-ANSTO-HENU-Reversible structural evolution of sodium-rich rhombohedral Prussian blue for sodium-ion batteries-Highly reversible-Coin cells-High initial Coulombic efficiency, superior rate capability, and stable cycle stability-Pouch full cell-Stable cycling performance over 1000 times.
Juline-Titans LLC-China Titans Energy Technology Group Co Ltd|TITANS (Aquion Energy Storage)West Zhuhai, GD, China (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)EStorage-Battery-Sodium|S-ion|SiB-Aqueous Hybrid Ion|AHI-Cathode-Manganese Oxide|MnO2-Anode-Carbon Titanium Phosphate Composite-Electrolyte-Seawater-Separator-Synthetic CottonTitans-Aquion Energy-Aqueous Hybrid Ion|AHI™-Sodium-ion Battery|NIB|SIB-Hydrid-ion-Electrolye-Aqueous Sodium-Sulfate|Na₂SO₄|Saltwater.
Yangzhou University|YZU - East China Normal University|ECNUYangzhou, JS, China - Shanghai, ChinaEStorage-Battery-Sodium|Na-ion|SIB-Electrolyte-Solid-Sodium Titanium Phosphate|NaTi2(PO4)3| NTPYZU-ECNU-Sodium Titanium Phosphate nanocube|NTP decorated on tablet-like carbon for robust sodium storage performance at low temperature-A metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) strategy was developed to realize the synergistic coupling between NTP and the conductive carbonaceous skeleton, in-situ forming a hybrid structure with NTP nanocube decorated on the tablet-like carbon (NTP/C). Herein, the titanium-based MOFs (MIL-125) derived titanium dioxide/carbon (TiO2/C) composite was introduced as both the titanium and carbon sources, then guiding the generation of unique decorated architecture. The in-situ formation strategy induced strong electronic interaction between NTP and carbonaceous matrix and decreased charge-transfer polarization enable the desired NTP/C with superior sodium storage properties, manifesting a high capacity.
US Department of Energy|DOE (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory|PNNL)Richland, WA, USAEStorage-Battery-Sodium-ion|NIB-Electrolyte-More stable salt-Sodium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide|NaFSIBattery-Sodium|Na-ion|NIB-New electrolyte-Lowers the solvation ability of the SEI on the anode while also forming a stable protective layer to protect the cathode-electrolyte is made of a more stable salt-Sodium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide|NaFSI and a solvent with a lower dielectric constant.
Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik|BASF Stationary Energy Storage GmbH - Nihon Gaishi|Insulators Kabushikigaisha|Ltd|NGK-HMLudwigshafen am Rhein, Rhineland-Palatinate|RP, Germany - Nagoya, Aichi, JapanEStorage-Battery-Long-duration Energy Storage|LDES-Grid-scale|GSB-Sodium-Sulfur|NASNGK Insulators-LDES-GSB-Sodium-Sulfur battery|NaS-NaS® Battery System-30-1789 MW-12034 MWh-BASF Stationary Energy Storage GmbH|BSES-Sodium|Na-Sulphur|S NAS® Battery-Exclusive global distributor. | | | | | | | | |
Primus Power Corporation|PRIMUSPOWERHayward, CA, USAEStorage-Battery-Long-duration Energy Storage|LDES-Scalable-Flow Battery-Zinc|Zn Bromine|Br-ZBB-Electrode-Titanium|TiPrimus Power-Zinc Bromide Flow Battery|ZBB-Electrode-Titanium|Ti-Self-sufficient, high-resilience Microgrids-6-820 MW-2155 MWh |
Oregon State University|OSUCorvallis, Oregon|OR, USAEStorage-Battery--Zinc-ion|ZiB-Aqueous-Electrolyte-Zinc Chloride|ZnCl2OSU-Chloride electrolyte enabled practical zinc metal battery with a near-unity Coulombic efficiency-Rechargeable aqueous zinc batteries are finding their niche in stationary storage applications where safety, cost, scalability and carbon footprint matter most. However, harnessing this reversible two-electron redox chemistry is plagued by major technical issues, notably hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) at the zinc surface, whose impacts are often not revealed under typical measurement conditions. Here we report a concentrated electrolyte design that eliminates this parasitic reaction and enables a Coulombic efficiency (CE) of 99.95% for Zn plating/stripping measured at a low current density of 0.2 mA cm−2. With extra chloride salts and dimethyl carbonate in concentrated ZnCl2 electrolyte, the hybrid electrolyte with a unique chemical environment features low Hammett acidity and facilitates the in situ formation of a dual-layered solid electrolyte interphase, protecting zinc anodes from HER and dendrite growth. Benefiting from the near-unity CE, the pouch cell with a VOPO4·2H2O cathode sustains 500 deep cycles without swelling or leaking and delivers an energy density of 100 Wh kg−1 under practical conditions. Our work represents a critical step forward in accelerating the market adoption of zinc batteries as an energy storage system with higher sustainability.
Xcel Energy Inc|XEL-Utility - Ambri IncMinneapolis, Minnesota|MN, USA - Marlborough, MA, USAESS-ESupply-Solar|Wind-Micro-grid-Battery-Long-duration Energy Storage|LDES-Liquid Metal Battery-Anode-Liquid Calcium|Ca-Cathode-Antimony|Sb Sold Particles-Electrolyte-Molten Salt-Calcium Chloride|CaCl2Xcel Energy-Ambri-Test the 300 kWh system at Solar Technology Acceleration Center|SolarTAC-Aurora, Colorado-Various use cases, including solar and wind integration, capacity management, arbitrage, and ancillary services, among others+GridNXT Microgrid Platform at SolarTAC to integrate multiple generation sources, such as solar and wind, along with inverters, load banks, and three-phase distribution connections and communications. | Ambri Battery-Cathode-Antimony|Sb Solid Particles-Anode-Liquid Calcium|Ca alloy-Electrolyte-Molten Salt-Enabling the use of low-cost materials and a low number of steps in the cell assembly process.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute|WPIWorcestor, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-Iron Alkaline-High-capacity-Chloride|Cl-anion insertion into Fe(OH)2 layered double hydroxide|LDH formed a green rust intermediate phaseWPI-Chloride Insertion Enhances the Electrochemical Oxidation of Iron Hydroxide Double-Layer Hydroxide into Oxyhydroxide in Alkaline Iron Batteries-Layered Double Hydroxide|LDH materials for high-capacity Alkaline Iron Batteries-Chloride|Cl-anion insertion into Fe(OH)2 layered double hydroxide (LDH) formed a green rust intermediate phase with the formula [Fe22+Fe13+(HO–)6]+[Cl]−, which assisted a high Fe(OH)2/FeOOH conversion reaction (64.7%) and improved cycling stability. This new iron redox chemistry was validated by operando X-ray diffraction, electrochemical testing, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy|XPS analysis, scanning transmission electron microscopy–energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy |STEM-EDS mapping, and molecular dynamics|MD simulations.
Form Energy Inc|FORMENERGYSomerville, MA, USAEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Iron-air-Cathode-Air|O2-Anode-Iron|Fe Metal-Electrolyte-Alkaline-Potassium Hydroxide|KOHForm Energy-Iron-air Battery-Front-of-the-meter-Grid-scale|GSB-Storing electricity for 100 hours-"When iron rusts, it swaps an electron for an oxygen molecule. Usually, that electron goes to waste. Form Energy’s batteries, which are the size of a washer-dryer set, take in oxygen to convert iron to rust, harnessing the resulting electrons and their energy. The devices can discharge power for about four straight days."-
Hydro-Québec (EVLO Energy Storage Inc|EVLOFLEXVarennes, Québec, CanadaEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-LFPHydro-Québec (EVLOFLEX) Fully integrated battery energy storage system-Lithium-iron Phosphate|LFP battery-100% depth of discharge and nearly 90% PCS-AC round-trip efficiency-EVLOGIX-State-of-the-art control and communication architecture-Proprietary software-7,300 cycles over 20 years without the need for battery replacements.
University of New South Wales Sydney|UNSW - Azur Power Global Ltd|AZREF - Trina Solar Co LtdSydney, NSW, Australia - New Delhi, India - Changzhou, Jiangsu|JS, ChinaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Module-Concentrator-MultijunctionUNSW-Azur-Trina-III–V/Si-GaInP/GaInAs/Ge; Si-spectral split minimodule-4-term-PCE|η-34.5 ± 2.0%.
US Department of Energy|DOE (National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL)Golden, CO, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-MultijunctionNREL-Four-junction or more-6j-Inverted metamorphic-AlGaInP/AlGaAs/ GaAs/GaInAs (2.15/1.72/1.41/1.17/0.96/0.79 eV)-AlGaInP/AlGaAs/GaAs/GaInAs(3) (2.15/1.72/1.41/1.17/0.96/0.70 eV)-PCE|η-47.1 ± 2.6%-030119.
US Department of Energy|DOE (National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL)-HMGolden, CO, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-MultijunctionNREL-2-junction|2J-GaInAsP/GaInAs-Tandem-PCE|η-35.5 ± 1.2%-100117.
US Department of Energy|DOE (National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL)Golden, CO, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Solar Cell-Concentrator-Single-JunctionNREL-III-V Compound Semiconductor-Gallium Arsenide|GaAs-PCE|η-30.8% ± 1.9%-011123.
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE|FhG-ISEFreiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg|BaWü, GermanyESupply-Solar Thermal-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-MultijunctionFhG-ISE-Solar Cell-Concentrator-Multijunction-4-junction or more-GaInP/GaInAs; GaInAsP/GaInAs bonded-Power Conversion Efficiency|PCE|η-47.6 ± 2.6%-050122.
Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company|TAQNIA (Solar Junction Corporation)-HMRiyadh, Saudi Arabia (Tempe, CA, USA)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-MultijunctionSolar Junction-Solar Cell-Concentrator-Multijunction-Three-junction-GaInP/GaAs/GaInNAs-PCE|η-44.0%-100112.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd et al|HONHAI (Sharp Corporation)Taipei, Taiwan (Osaka, Japan)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-MultijunctionSharp-Solar Cell-Concentrator-Multijunction-3-junction|3J-inverted metamorphic-GaInP/GaAs/GaInAs-Inverted Metamorphic-PCE|η-44.4 ± 2.6%-040123.
LG Electronics Inc-HMSeoul, Republic of KoreaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-Concentrator-Single-JunctionLG Electronics-Solar Cell-Concentrator-Single Junction-III-V Compound Semiconductor-Gallium Arsenide|GaAs-PCE=29.30%-100116.
NextEra Energy Inc|NEEJuno Beach, Florida|FL, USAEStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Lithium-ion Grid Storage|LGSNextEra Energy-Lithium-ion Grid Storage|LGS -7-742 MW-19 MWh-Operates-~3,148 Megawatts|MW of universal-scale solar energy-US-~16,000 MW wind energy.
Trina Solar Co Ltd|TRINAChangzhou, Jiangsu|JS, China‎ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-ConcentratorTrina Solar-Big crystalline Silicon|cSi-Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell|PERC-Silicon Module Super League|SMSL.
JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd (Jinko Solar Co Ltd|JKS)Shangrao, Jianxi|JX, China-Cayman Islands (Shanghai, China)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-ConcentratorJinkoSolar-Single-Junction-Silicon|Si-Multicrystalline-Large-Jinko-n-type TOPCon-PCE|η-25.3 ± 0.4%.
Arzon Solar LLC (Amonix Inc)-HMTorrance, CA, USA (Seal Beach, CA, USA)ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Cell-ConcentratorAmonix-Single Cell-crystalline Si|cSi-Back Contact-PCE|η-27.6% ± 1.2%-090107.
Castleton Commodities International LLC|CCI-formerly-Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy Advisors LLC-(S4 Energy BV|S4ENERGY) - ASEA Brown Boveri Ltd|ABBStamford, Connecticut|CT, USA (Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands) - Zürich, SwitzerlandEStorage-Kinetic Energy Recovery|KER-Hybrid-Flywheel|FES+Battery ESS4 Energy-KINEXTES Flywheels-ABB Flywheel-12-102 MW-6 MWh-S4 Energy currently has 19 MW of storage facilities in operation and another 6 MW under construction-25 MW-100422.
EnergyDome SpAMilan, Lombardy|LOM, ItalyEStorage-Long Duration ES|LDES-Mechanical|MES-CO2 Battery-CO₂ Closed Thermodynamic TransformationEnergy Dome-Developing, designing and building more than 500 MW of geothermal, heat recovery, CSP, biogas and biomass power plants based on proprietary innovative technologies.
Canadian Solar Inc|CSIQ (Recurrent Energy LLC (Sonoran West Solar Holdings LLC)) | Southern California Edison|SCE (Colorado River Substation (Crimson Solar Project)Guelph, Ontario|ON, Canada | Blythe, CA, USAESS-ESupply-Solar PV-c-Si-Large-EStorage-Flywheel ES|FES-or-Battery-LFPSouthern California Edison (Colorado River Substation (Crimson Solar Project)-350 MW /1,400 MWh-solar photovoltaic facility-350-MW battery storage system with support facilities to generate and deliver power through the Southern California Edison Colorado River Substation | Battery or flywheel storage system capable of storing up to 450 MW of electricity.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Israel Electricity Corporation|IECWashington, DC, USA | Ashalim, IsraelESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-2-tank indirect-HybridAbengoa Solar-12-incl-Ashalim Power Station-Ashalim Plot A /Negev Energy-110 MW-Co-located with Ashalim C PV (and Ashalim B)-Ashalim Plot B / Megalim-121 MW-Co-located with Ashalim C PV (and Ashalim A)-World's tallest solar tower.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande|SING-HMWashington, DC, USA | Calama, Antofagasta, El Loa, ChileESS-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-2-tank directAtacama I-110 MW-Co-located with PV; project level hybridisation | Planta Solar Cerro Dominador-Cerro Dominador Project will consist of a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 100 MW and the first concentrated solar plant in Latin America, with 110 MW of capacity and 17.5 hours of thermal storage. Altogether, the Project solar field will cover 1,000 hectares.
Government of the People's Republic of China (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China General Nuclear Power Corp|CGN (CGN Solar Energy Development Co Ltd (CGN Solar Delingha Co Ltd)))))Delingha, Haixi, Qinghai|QH, ChinaESS-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridCGN Delingha 2GW-CSP+PV Projects-200 MW CSP+1800 MW PV | CGN Delingha - 50MW Trough | COD-na.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Power Investment Corp Ltd|SPICHami, Xinjiang|XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-PhotothermalSPIC Hami-1GW-CSP+PV Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD-063023.
Government of the People's Republic of China (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (Sinomec Group Co Ltd (China Energy Engineering Corporation|CEEC)))Beijing, China (Hong Kong, SAR, China (Beijing, China))ESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridEnergy China Hami 1.5GW Solar & Storage Project-150MW CSP + 1.35GW PV | CEEC Hami - 50MW Tower | Commercial Operations Date|COD-073024.
Government of the People's Republic of China (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China Energy Investment Corporation|CEIC))Henan Mongol Autonomous County, QH, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridQinghai - Henan High Voltage Transmission Second Phase Solar Power Plant - China Energy Investment 1000 MW -CSP+PV Project-100 MW CSP + 900 MW PV | COD-123123.
Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd - Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Power Investment Corp Ltd|SPIC (SPIC Huanghe Hydropower Development Co Ltd))Hefei, Anhui|AH, China - Golmud, QH, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridHuanghe Hydro Power 1000MW CSP+PV Project-100MW CSP+900MW PV-The second-biggest solar power plant in the world is located in Qinghai, China | COD-...123123.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China Three Gorges Corp|CTGC (China Three Gorges New Energy|Renewables Group Co Ltd)))Golmud, QH, China - Geermu, Haixi, QH, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridCTG-1-Three Gorges Energy Qingyu DC 1000MW CSP | COD-123123-2-PV Project-3-Three Gorges Energy Golmud 1100MW CSP + PV Project | COD-na.
Government of the People's Republic of China (China Lvfa Investment Group Co Ltd (Luneng Group Co Ltd (China Green Electricity Investment of Tianjin Co Ltd (Luneng New Energy (Group) Co Ltd))))Fukang City, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt Tower-HybridFukang Luneng 1GW Green Energy Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD-092024.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (Power Construction Corporation of China|PowerChina (Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd (Sinohydro Co Ltd-Ruoqiang Ruida Energy Development Co Ltd))))-POWERCHINA Xinjiang Ruida Energy Development Co LtdYitumbulak, Ruoqiang, Bazhou Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt Tower-HybridPOWERCHINA Ruoqiang-1GW-100MW CSP + 900MW PV Project | Xinjiang Ruoqiang (Sinohydro) Energy Storage Solar Farm | COD-073024.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (Power Construction Corporation of China|PowerChina (Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd (SOCOL Co Ltd))))-POWERCHINA Xinjiang Ruida Energy Development Co LtdTulufan, Tuokexun, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridPOWERCHINA Tuokexun-1GW-100MW CSP + 900MW PV Project | COD-073024.
Government of the People's Republic of China (State Development & Investment Corp Ltd|SDIC (SDIC Power Holdings Co Ltd (SDIC Xinjiang New Energy Co Ltd)))Tiemulike, Ruoqiang, Bazhou, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridSDIC Ruoqiang- 1GW-100MW CSP + 900MW PV Project | COD-073024.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd|CNNP (Xinhua Hydropower Co Ltd-Bozhou)) + (Xinhua Hydropower Co Ltd-Jinghe))Bole City at Aheqi Farm, Jinghe, XJ, China - Jinghe, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt-HybridCNNP-1-Xinhua Hydropower Bozhou-1GW-100MW CSP+900MW PV Project | Jinta Zhongguang Solar Energy CSP+PV Project | COD-073024-2-Xinhua Hydropower Jinghe-1GW-100MW CSP+900MW PV Project | COD-073024.
China Energy Construction Group|CECG Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Co LtdTurpan, Shanshan, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt-HybridEnergy China Shanshan-1GW-CSP+PV Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | Xinjiang Turpan Shanshan (China Energy Investment) solar power complex | COD-073024.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Power Investment Corp Ltd|SPIC (National Electric Investment Group Henan Electric Power Co Ltd-SPIC Henan Company))) + (SDIC Xinjiang Energy & Chemical Co Ltd)))Turpan, Shanshan, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridSPIC-1-SPIC Henan-Shanshan-1GW-CSP+PV Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD-073024-2-SPIC Hami 1GW CSP+PV Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD-063023
Datang Hami Wind Power Development Co LtdShichengzi, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten SaltDatang Shichengzi-1GW-CSP+PV Demonstration Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD - 092424
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (Power Construction Corporation of China|PowerChina (Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd)))-PowerChina-Gonghe-Hainan Northwest Hydropower New Energy Co LtdGonghe Country, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, QH, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt-HybridPOWERCHINA Gonghe 1GW-CSP + PV Project-100MW CSP + 900MW PV | COD-123123
Guangdong Juyuan Energy Management Co Ltd (Huidong County Hengjuyuan New Energy Co Ltd) | Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China|SGCC (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Huizhou, Guangdong|GD, China | Aksai, Jiuquan, Gansu|GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt-HybridAkesai Huidong New Energy CSP + PV Pilot Project-Huidong New Energy Akesai 110MW + 640MW PV-Co located with 640 MW PV | COD-123123
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China Energy Investment Corporation|CEIC|China Energy (Longyuan Power Gansu Company)))) | Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China|SGCC (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Beijing, China | Dunhuang, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridDunhuang 100 MW Fresnel + 600 MW PV-Co located with 600 MW PV | COD-123123
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China National Nuclear Corporation|CNNC) - Gansu Bocheng Tongda Energy Co Ltd-Shaanxi Xinhua Water Conservancy-CNNC Xinhua Hydropower Co Ltd (Hydropower Investment Co Ltd (Yumen Xin’ao New Energy Co Ltd-JV)Beijing, China | Yumen, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV+Wind-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten SaltYumen Xinao 700MW PV+CSP+Wind Project-Yumen 100 MW Fresnel + 400 MW PV + 200 Wind-Co-located with 400 MW PV and 200 MW Wind | COD-123123
Cosin Solar Technology Co Ltd-formerly Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co Ltd-Cosin for CSP (Jinta Zhongguang Solar Energy Co Ltd) | Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China|SGCC (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Hangzhou, Zhegiang|ZJ, China | Jinta, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt-HybridJinta Zhongguang Solar 100 MW Tower + 600 MW PV-The project is developed and constructed by Jinta ZhongGuang Solar Power Generation Co., Ltd., with a total installed capacity of 700MW. It adopts the configuration mode of "CSP +", including CSP of 100MW and PV of 600MW. The 100MW CSP project adopts the molten salt tower CSP technology independently developed by Cosin Solar, with a 9-hour molten salt thermal storage system. The design electricity production is 1370 GWh/year, can save 480,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 1,310,000 tons of CO2 emission per year. The project started construction on Mar.25, 2022, will be connected to the grid at full capacity before the end of December 2023-COD-123123
Government of the People's Republic of China (China Three Gorges Corp (CTGC et al) (Three Gorges Hengi Nengmai (Jiuquan) New Energy Co Ltd) - Hernderson Energy | Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Beijing, China | Qiaowan, Guazhou, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV+Wind-Offshore-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt Tower-HybridThree Gorges Henderson Energy Guazhou 2x50MW Tower|100MW CSP + 200 MW PV + 400 MW Wind-16 MW wind turbines| COD-123123-Three Gorges Renewables is now building three of the 30 new Chinese CSP projects underway.
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China Huaneng Group Co Ltd|CHNG (Huaneng Gansu Energy Development Co Ltd)))Akesai|Aksay Kazakh Autonomous County, Jiuquan (formerly, Suzhou) + Gaotai, GS, ChinaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-HybridCHNG-1-Huaneng Akesai 700MW PV+CSP Project-100MW CSP + 200MW PV | COD-123123-2-400MW Wind + Huaneng Gaotai 700MW PV+CSP Project | COD-na.
International Company for Water and Power Projects|ACWA Power | Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited | Dubai Electricity and Water Authority|DEWARiyadh, Saudi Arabia | Shanghai, China | Dubai|دبي, United Arab Emirates|UAEESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-HybridACWA-Shanghai Electric-DEWA Noor Energy 1-Dewa IV-Parabolic Trough-600MW-Co-located with 250 PV and a 100 MW CSP tower for a total of 950 MW.
International Company for Water and Power Projects|ACWA Power - SolarReserve Inc - Eskom Hld SOC Ltd|EskomRiyadh, Saudi Arabia - Santa Monica, CA, USA | Potmasburg, Northern Cape, South AfricaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+ Molten Salt Tower-HybridSolarReserve Redstone CSP Solar Thermal Power Project-100000 kW|1200000 kWh-100MW/1200 MWh-Solar Reserve-Molten salt energy storage technology in a tower configuratio-Co-located with the 75 MW Jasper and 96 MW Lesedi PV Projects | | | |
Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd|CNNP (Xinhua Hydropower Co Ltd)Shache|Yarkant, Kashgar, XJ, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP+PV-Hybrid-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-Hybrid-AssumedXinhua Hydropower Shache County 800MW PV project with 200MW storage-The four projects submitted by Xinhua Hydropower with a total installed capacity of 3.2GW were successfully included in the list, namely Bozhou 100MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW RE project, Jinghe 100MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW RE project, Shache County 800MW PV project (with 200MW storage), and Aoyitake Phase I 400MW PV project (with 100MW storage).
Shouhang Resources Saving Co Ltd (SunCan CSP JV) | State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China|SGCC (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Beijing, China | Dunhuang, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Concentrating Solar Power|CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-2-tank directShouhang Dunhuang Phase I-10 MW Tower-Shouhang Dunhuang Phase II-100 MW Tower.
Dunhuang Dacheng Concentrating Thermal Power Co (Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co Ltd) - Government of the People's Republic of China|PRC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council|SASAC (State Grid Corporation of China|SGCC (State Grid Gansu Electric Power Co)))Lanzhou, GS, China - Dunhuang, Jiuquan, GS, ChinaESS-Solar Thermal-Direct-Concentrating Solar Power|CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-2-tank directLanzhou Dacheng Dunhuang (DCTC Dunhuang)-50MW Fresnel-10MW Fresnel-World's largest solar thermal power plant utilizing Fresnel CSP technology.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Eskom Hld SOC Ltd|EskomWashington, DC, USA | Pofadder, Northern Cape, South AfricaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal+Molten Salt-HybridKaxu Solar One-100MW parabolic trough plant near Pofadder in Northern Cape-Storage capacity of two and a half hours and use molten salt to store heat energy.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Eskom Hld SOC Ltd|EskomWashington, DC, USA | Upington, Northern Cape, South AfricaESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Photothermal-Saturated SteamKhi Solar One Power Plant-50 MW concentrated solar power plant with a power tower.
NextEra™ Energy Resources LLC|NEE | Pacific Gas & Electric|PG&EJuno Beach, FL, USA | Blythe, CA, USAESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-2-tank indirectGenesis Solar Energy Project|GSEP-250 MW.
International Company for Water and Power Projects|ACWA Power (The First National Operation & Maintenance Company|NOMAC)Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Ouarzazate, MoroccoESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Concentrating Solar Power|CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-2-tank (in)directNoor Ouarzazate Solar Complex-Noor-I-II-III-580MW solar power project-World’s biggest concentrated solar power facility-Noor IV-Photovoltaic technology was to be used in the fourth phase.,Noor%20Ouarzazate%20Solar%20Complex%20in%20Morocco%2C%20World's%20Largest%20Concentrated%20Solar,biggest%20concentrated%20solar%20power%20facility
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Arizona Public ServiceWashington, DC, USA | Gila Bend, AZ, USAESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-Tower Configuration-2-tank indirectSolana Generating Station-250 MW-First US application of an innovative thermal energy storage system with molten salt as the energy storage media, combined with parabolic trough CSP technology-The largest energy storage project and the first in the United States to store over 1000 MWh of energy that is dispatchable on demand without sunlight.
SolarReserve Inc - VINCI SA (Actividades de Construcción y Servicios|ACS Cobra) | NV Energy-HMSanta Monica, CA, USA | Tonopah, NV, USAESS-ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten Salt-Tower Configuration-2-tank directSolarReserve Crescent Dunes Solar Plant-110 MW-1,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage-First utility-scale facility in the world to feature advanced molten salt power tower energy storage capabilities.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc)Washington, DC, USA | SpainESS-Solar Thermal Electricity|STE-Concentrating Solar Power|CSP-Thermal ES|TES-HeatPlanta Solar-1-Planta Solar 20 Solar Power Plant|PS 20-Solar Thermal Electricity|STE-Concentrating solar power|CSP-Thermal ES|TES-Heat-2-Planta Solar 10 Solar Plant-Solar Thermal Electricity|STE-Concentrating solar power|CSP-Thermal ES|TES-Heat.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc)Washington, DC, USA | ChileESS-Solar Thermal Electricity|STE-Concentrating Solar Power|CSP-Thermal ES|TES-HeatMinera El Tesoro CSP Installation-The first concentrating solar power (CSP) project ever in South America is installed in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The 10.5 MW thermal parabolic trough plant is integrated into the Electrowinning (EW) process at a copper mine operated-Allows the delivery of thermal energy for up to 6.5 hours at rated power after the sun goes down.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc)Washington, DC, USA | South AfricaESS-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSP-Thermal Energy Storage|TES-Molten SaltXina Solar One-100 MW parabolic trough plant with a five-hour thermal energy storage system using molten salts-The largest solar complex in Africa together with Abengoa plant KaXu Solar One.
BrightSource Energy Inc | Pacific Gas & Electric|PG&E - Southern California Edison|SCEOakland, CA, USA | Ivanpah, CA, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSPIvanpah Solar Electric Generating SystemISEGS-377-386 MW-Three individually certified solar concentrating thermal power plants, based on distributed power tower and heliostat mirror technology.
Cox Energy Solar SA|COXA (Abengoa Solar Inc-formerly-Abengoa SA-Acquired-April 2023) | Pacific Gas & Electric|PG&EWashington, DC, USA | Hinkley, CA, USAESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSPMojave Solar Project-250-280 MW-Solar electric generating facility, consisting of well-established parabolic trough technology to solar heat a Heat Transfer Fluid|HTF-Generates steam in solar steam generators, which expands through a steam turbine generator to produce electrical power from twin, independently operable solar fields (Alpha and Beta), each feeding a 125-MW power island.
Reliance Power Ltd (Rajasthjan Sun Technique Energy) - Areva SA-now Government of France (Areva Solar Inc) | Government of India (National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd|NTPC (NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam)-HMNavi Mumbai, India - Washington, DC, USA | Dhursar Rajasthan, IndiaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-CSPDhursar Rajasthan-125 MW-Asia's largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant that uses the concept of reflecting solar radiation onto water pipes (to turn the water into steam) to drive turbines that generate power-Part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission launched in 2010 aimed to generate 20 GW of power by 2022-Delayed.
Government of India (Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited|RREC )Phalodi, Rajasthan, IndiaESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-PV-Solar ParkBhadla Solar Park-Now one of the world's biggest solar power farm-2.25GW.
Municipal Government of ChaozhouChaozhou, Guandong|GD, ChinaESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreMunicipal Government of Chaozhou, Guangdong China-Plans for a 43.3 gigawatt facility in the Taiwan Strait-Operating between 75 and 185 kilometres offshore, the 10km long farm will feature thousands of powerful turbines-Work on the project will start before 2025.
Government of the People's Republic of China (CHNENERGY Investment Group Co Ltd (China Longyuan Power Group Corp Ltd (Gansu Longyuan Wind Power)))Jiuquan, Gansu|GS, ChinaESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreGansu Guazhou Wind Farm-Gobi Desert.
Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk Aktiengesellschaft|RWE AG - Ørsted A/S - Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company|Masdar - La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec|CDPQ (London Array Ltd-Consortium)Outer Thames Estuary-20km off the north Kent coast, England, UKESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreLondon Array-Wind Farm-Offshore-Wind Turbines-175-630 MW capacity and generates enough clean electricity to power around 500,000 British homes, while displacing around 900,000 tonnes of CO2 a year-Maintained and operated from the Port of Ramsgate.
SSE plc (SSE Renewables) - Government of Norway (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (Equinor ASA) - Eni SpA (Vårgrønn AS) (Dogger Bank Wind Farm-JV)130km off the North East coast of England-North Sea, UKESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreDogger Bank Wind Farm-Offshore-Three-phase-Dogger Bank-A-B-C – Located between 130km and 190km from the North East coast of England at their nearest points-Operational in 2026-WIll become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, with each phase having 1.2GW capacity. In total, Dogger Bank will feature 277 of one of world’s currently most powerful operating offshore GE Haliade-Xwind turbines-T 3.6GW wind farm will provide five per cent of the UK’s electricity and power up to six million homes.
Government of Sweden (Vattenfall AB) - Badische Anilin- und Sodafabrik|BASF SE - Allianz SE|ALVG (Hollandse Kust Zuid-JV)18-35 kilometers|11-22 miles off the Dutch coast-North Sea, NetherlandsESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreHollandse Kust Zuid-1,500-GW-World’s first offshore wind farm to be built without subsidy-Siemens Gamesa 11.0-200 DD wind turbines-The largest-ever turbines to be installed at scale-Rotor diameter-200 meters (656 feet)-Swept area-31,400|337,987 sqm|sqft.
Acciona SA (Acciona Construction Australia) - Government of Queensland (CleanCo)50km south-west of Warwick-60km south-south-east of Millmerran-200km south-west of Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreMacIntyre Complex-When completed in 2024-Will becoome the largest wind farm in Australia, will have a total capacity of 1,026MW-Two wind farms-MacIntyre-Karara-180 Nordex Delta 4000 turbines with a power rating of 5.7MW-the latest generation of turbines by the German manufacturer-Will generate clean electricity to supply nearly 700,000 homes and avoid the emission of around three million tonnes of CO2 each year. In addition, ACCIONA Energía has a large photovoltaic plant under development in Aldoga, and it has signed an agreement with Stanwell Corp to supply renewable electricity from this facility to its green hydrogen production plant.
Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency|TEDA et alKanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India|INESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreTamil Nadu Muppandal Wind Farm.
Government of the Kingdom of Denmark (Ørsted El A/S) - AXA SA (AXA IM Alts - Crédit Agricole|CRARY (Crédit Agricole Assurances) (Hornsea 2-Consortium)89 km|55.3 miles off the Yorkshire coast-North Sea, UKESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreHornsea Project Two|HP2-165 Siemens Gamesa 8MW turbines-1386 MW-Power more than 1.4 million homes-Situated alongside Hornsea 1-Together power 2.5 million homes.
Trondheim Muncipality (TrønderEnergi AS) - Government of the Kingdom of Norway (Statkraft AS) - Nordic Wind Power DA-European Investor Consortium (Fosen Vind DA|FOSENVIND-JV)Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, NorwayESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreFosen Vind DA-Wind Farm Project Portfolio-Roan-255.6 MW-Storheia-288 MW-Geitfjellet-154.8 MW-Harbaksfjellet-108 MW-Hitra 2-93.6 MW-Kvenndalsfjellet-100.8 MW-248 Vestas V117-3.45MW wind turbines and 30 V112-3.45MW turbines, with a rated capacity of 3.6MW each.
Government of the Kingdom of Denmark (Ørsted El A/S) - Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec|CDPQ-SWF - Cathay PE35-60 kilometres off the west coast-Taiwan Strait, TaiwanESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OffshoreGreater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms.
ORIX CorpTokyo, Japan (Jaisalme, Rajasthan, India)ESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreJaisalmer–Wind Urja India|Jaisalmer Wind Park.
ArcLight Capital Partners LLC-PE (Terra-Gen Power LLC|TERRAGEN)Tehachapi Pass, CA, USAESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreAlta Wind Energy Center|Mojave Wind Farm-1550 MW.
Berkshire Hathaway Inc|BRK (Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co (MidAmerican Energy Co))Des Moines, Iowa|IO, USAESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-OnshoreWind PRIME-2,042 MW wind generation-50 MW solar generation.
Max Bögl Wind AG (Natürspeicher GmbH-Acquired-May 2019)Sengenthal, Bavaria, GermanyESS-ESupply-Radiant Energy-Solar-Indirect-Kinetic Energy Harvesting-Wind-Onshore-EStorage-Water Battery-Water Reservoir-Pumped-storage Power PlantMax Bögl-Naturstromspeicher Gaildorf Pilot Project-RE sources-Pumped-storage power plant combination-Wind turbines built on the top of a hill with a pair of water storage reservoirs-Water Battery-Donnected via an underground penstock to a pumped-storage power station in the valley-Wind turbines foundations are upper reservoirs-Short-term storage-16 MW, 70 MWh-Grid Stability.
Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation|PG&E-HMSan Francisco, CA, USAEStorage-Thermo-mechanical-Compressed Air|CAESPG&E Advanced Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage|CAES-300 MW A-CAES demo plant-Underground storage container-Depleted gas reservoir-Next-generation turbomachinery.
Siemens Energy AG|SMNEY (Dresser Rand)-HMMunich, Bavaria, GermanyEStorage-Thermo-mechanical-Compressed Air|CAESSiemens (Dresser Rand) CAES-2-4,330 MW, 333 GWh.
Siemens Energy AG|SMNEYMunich, Bavaria, GermanyESS-Power-to-Gas-Green-Hydrogen-e-MethanolFlagshipONE-Combined heat and power plant-Europe’s largest e-methanol project-uses renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen using its electrolysers. A further stage in the synthesis process brings in biogenic carbon dioxide from a nearby biomass-fired combined heat and power station, and the resulting e-methanol is a CO2-neutral electrofuel that is easy to store and transport-Largest commercial-scale electrofuel facility in Europe-...Liquid Wind...e-methanol from FlagshipONE will be produced using renewable electricity and biogenic carbon dioxide captured from Hörneborgsverket. In addition, FlagshipONE will use steam, process water, and cooling water from Hörneborgsverket, and excess heat from the e-methanol production process will be delivered back to Övik Energi and integrated into their district heating supply
University of Wisconsin-Madison|UWMadison, Wisconsin|WI, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Stellarator Power PlantHelically Symmetric Experiment|HSX Stellarator-The world’s only modular coil stellarator optimized for quasi-helical symmetry. Plasma physics research goals include investigation of transport, turbulence, and confinement in a quasi-helically symmetric magnetic field.
Marvel Fusion GmbH|MARVEL - Colorado State Unviersity|CSU-USAMunich, Bavaria, Germany - Fort Collins, CO, USAESupply-Thermal Laser Fusion-Inertial Confinement-Laser-driven Direct Drive Inertial Confinement Fusio- Proton-Boron11|pB11-Proof-of-concept Demonstration Facility-2026-First Operation Facility-200-1000 Megawatts Electric|MweColorado State University-Marvel Fusion-one of the most powerful laser facilities in the world and an international epicenter for research into laser fusion energy and high energy density physics. The $150 million venture creates a public-private partnership to support construction of a next-generation, high-power laser and fusion research facility on the CSU Foothills Campus-Targeted for completion in 2026, the project would feature at least three laser systems, each with a multi-petawatt peak power and an ultra-fast repetition rate of ten flashes per second. Such a combination of lasers will make the facility unique in the world, and it would be designed to accommodate expansion and additional lasers in the future.
HB11 Energy Holdings Pty Ltd|HB11ENERGYSydney, NSW, AustraliaESupply-Non-thermal Laser Fusion-Direct Laser-driven Proton-Boron11|pB11-Direct Energy Conversion-First Operation Facility-2030s-300-500 Megawatts Electric|MweHB11 Energy is developing Laser Hydrogen Boron-11 fusion to provide a new source of unlimited, clean, safe and reliable energy. Our mission is to generate electricity using laser-ignited non-thermal fusion.
Type One Energy Group Inc|TYPEONEMadison, WI, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-Stellarator-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-Stellarator Power Plant-World's first High-temperature Superconducting|HTS Stellarator Magnet-First Operation Facility-Pilot-2033-500 Megawatts Electric|MWeType One Energy-FusionDirect program to commercialize its stellarator fusion technology-FusionDirect commercialization program takes advantage of recent important breakthroughs to pursue a lowest-risk, shortest-schedule pathway to fusion energy. Improvements in stellarator fusion performance and plasma science work together with technical innovations in high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology and advanced manufacturing-Application-Stellarator for power production.
Renaissance Fusion SAS|RENFUSIONFontaine, Isère, FranceESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-Stellarator-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Liquid metal with heat exchanger-First Operation Facility-Pilot-2032-1,000 Megawatts Electric|MWeRenaissance Fusion-Builds on the success of stellarator experiments, makes them reactor ready by quadrupling the magnetic field and simplifies them using proprietary High- Temperature Superconductors manufacturing and flowing liquid-metal walls.
Proxima Fusion GmbH-Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik|IPP-Spinout January 2023Munich, Bavaria, GermanyESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-Quasi-isodynamic Stellarator-Power Plant-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-Pilot Plant-2030s-750 MWeProxima Fusion-Aiming to commercialize fusion energy in the 2030s via optimized stellarator technology.-Develop a nuclear fusion power plant based on the stellarator concept-Demonstration of scientific and technological milestones in "Proxima Alpha" in the early 2030s.
TAE Technologies Inc-formerly-Tri Alpha EnergyFoothill Ranch, CA, USAESupply-Non-thermal Laser Fusion-Direct Laser-driven Proton-Boron11|pB11-Direct Energy Conversion-First Operation Facility-2030s-300-500 Megawatts Electric|MweTAE Technologies (pronounced T-A-E) is developing safe, non-radioactive, cost-effective, commercial fusion energy capable of sustaining the planet for centuries. Through its unique approach to fusion, TAE has developed spinoff applications in life sciences, energy storage, electric mobility, and fast charging to create a complete clean energy ecosystem.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems LLC|CFSDevens, MA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-Tokamak-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned energy capture approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-Stellarator Power Plant-High-temperature Superconducting|HTS Magnets-First Fusion Power Plant-Early 2030s-400 Megawatts Electric|MWeCommonwealth Fusion System’s|CFS-Deploy fusion power plants-Leverages decades of research in tokamaks combined with new groundbreaking high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology-Uses high temperature superconductors to build smaller and lower-cost tokamak fusion systems. CFS will build first-of-its-kind high temperature superconducting magnets, followed by the world’s first net energy-producing fusion machine-SPARC-Currently constructing SPARC Q~10 demonstration plant-Will pave the way for the first commercially viable fusion power plant, called ARC.
First Light Fusion Ltd|FIRSTLIGHTOxford, Oxfordshire, UKESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Intertial Confinement-Shock-driven-Projectile-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Liquid metal with heat exchange-First Fusion Power Plant-2032->60 Megawatts Electric|MWeFirst Light Fusion-World’s leading inertial fusion company-Projectile fusion is a new approach to inertial fusion that is simpler, more energy efficient, and has lower physics risk. Inertial fusion is a pulsed process, where, like an internal combustion engine, a small amount of fuel is injected and sparked to make it burn. The main existing approach to inertial fusion uses a large laser as the "spark plug", triggering the reaction. We use a high velocity projectile instead. | Oxford University’s fusion spinout is on a mission to solve the problem of fusion power with the simplest machine possible, using its unique ICF amplifier technology. This simplicity maximises scalability by enabling deployment via existing value chain, maximising both shareholder value and global impact of fusion power
US Department of Energy|DOE (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory|LNNL-National Ignition Facility|NIF)Livermore, CA, USAESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Nuclear IgnitionLNNL-National Ignition Facility|NIF-Achievement of fusion ignition-Conducted the first controlled fusion experiment in history to reach this milestone, also known as scientific energy breakeven, meaning it produced more energy from fusion than the laser energy used to drive it-Will provide invaluable insights into the prospects of clean fusion energy, which would be a game-changer for efforts to achieve a net-zero carbon economy | the first time ever on earth, a controlled fusion reaction released more energy than went into it-With this “Wright brothers’ moment,” scientists showed that fusion energy production was possible.
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften eV|MPG (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik|IPPGriefswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, GermanyESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Stellarator Power PlantWendelstein 7-X Stellarator-World's largest fusion device of the stellarator type-Objective-Investigate stellerator power plant suitability-Testing an optimised magnetic field for confining the plasma-It is expected that plasma equilibrium and confinement will be of a quality comparable to that of a tokamak of the same size-While avoid the disadvantages of a large current flowing in a tokamak plasma.
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor|ITERSaint-Paul-lez-Durance, Bouches-du-Rhône, FranceESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-TokamakITER Tokamak.
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften eV|MPG (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik|IPP)Garching bei München, Bavaria, GermanyESS-Thermonuclear Fusion-Tokamak-Flywheel ES|FES-Upgrade Pulsed Power Supply SystemMax Planck Institute-ASDEX Tokamak-Upgrade Pulsed Power Supply System-The facility utilizes three flywheel generator systems for on-site power that is required for high energy fusion experiments.
Institute of Plasma Physics|IPP PraguePrague, Czech RepublicESS-Thermonuclear Fusion-Tokamak-Flywheel ES|FES-Upgrade Pulsed Power Supply SystemInstitute of Plasma Physics|IPP Prague-Flywheel System 50 MW Pulse Duration for 2-3 Seconds-On-site power supply for fusion pulse experiment-High amount of energy unavailable on the Prague grid.