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The Battery | Energy Supply & Storage Technology Frontier 300

These are 300 of the most promising research & development projects at the forefront of the renewable energy economy


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What is this?

The Battery and Energy Supply and Storage Technology Frontier | BESSTf gathers, lists, and tracks significant research and development in the battery and energy supply sector and organizes them based on Market, Industry Application, Location and Sector

We are a technology frontier for the ‘first consumer’ – researchers, firms, policy makers, investors, consumers – who are at the forefront of getting the big picture of the fast developing RE economy, its structure and the utility of new technologies, as markets transition to net zero emissions.

The B|ESSTf technology frontier is a four-quadrant market that begins with RE technology 1) Research and 2) Location, where it is conducted, that leads to a 3) Technological Innovation-imbedded product by 4) Industry. This traces RE technology from the research and development stages and on to the scale-up, and to the resultant finished, market-ready and installed product.

It is a useful if not essential tool, a heuristic mechanism, if you will, with which to follow and keep abreast of fast-paced developing markets and the alteration and transformation of existing ones that grew out of research conducted for a book, titled, Environmental Risk Mitigation: Coaxing a Market in the Battery and Energy Supply and Storage Industry, published in October 2016. Tracing this process aims to help to smooth the way, thereby quicken, viable RE product development.

Each entrant, be it a proof-of-concept research finding, a RE technology-embedded product in development, on to a finished, market-ready product and then an installed product meets respective viability criteria, be it, the number of citations and reporting of a research finding, the reported viability of a demonstration or pilot project, and on to the number of installations of a new RE technology-embedded product by end user industry, say an original equipment manufacturer|OEM or utility company. In all, each entrant meets a utility, range, efficiency, and/or a market scale requirement. 

For example, a viable battery technology installed in a market ready product, say an electric vehicle battery|EVB in a battery electric vehicle|BEV, will yield as many entrants, OEMs as have adopted this new battery technology. In this case, the ‘location’ of the RE technology is a cross-industry relationship between battery supplier and OEM.

Moreover, these RE economy requirements, even the industry to which the RE technology is applicable, may change over time. For example, a RE technology may initially be applicable to and employed in any number stationary ESS industries and then, over time, have extended to and been employed in mobile ESS industries. Or, a portable RE technology may extend into mobile, RE transport industries.

We are always open to B|ESSTf frontier entrant proposals. So, please send them to us for possible inclusion on the list.

The decision to include a RE technology research, its application and market ‘place’, if you will, on the B|ESSTf 300 list is made by people familiar with the big picture, the emerging RE economy, and the technologies that are most quickly developing it. Again, we welcome input and suggestions on the compilation of the B|ESSTf 300. Drop us a line in the Contact Form below!


Hystar AS - Johnson Matthey PLC|JMAT
Høvik, Akershus, Norway - London, England, UK

ESupply-Green Hydrogen|H2-Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell|PEM

Hystar-World's most efficient Proton Exchange Membrane|PEM Electrolysers-Hydrogen|H2 Production-At least three times more than a conventional PEM electrolyser-Hystar PEM-Parameters-Thin membrane-20µm-Anode air feed-Air circulation to dilute H2 crossover and increase safety-Cathode water feed-Frees up space on the anode side, enabling one-phase flow at the anode-Johnson Matthey-Membrane Electrode Assemblies|MEAs-PEM key performance-defining component-part of Hystar’s commercialization ramp-up-Expand Hystar plant to 4GW a year capacity-Up from 50MW today-Hystar will deliver a complete, autonomous, containerized PEM electrolyzer with a hydrogen production capacity of up to 745 kg/day.
Equatic Inc - University of California, Los Angeles|UCLA - The University of Texas at Arlington|UTA
Los Angeles, CA, USA - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Arlington, TX, USA

ESupply-EH|NE-CO₂ Removal|CDR-Carbon-negative Hydrogen|H2-Fuel Source-Cross-industry-incl-Sustainable Aviation Fuels|SAFs

UTA-UCLA-EquaticTM-formerly known as “SeaChange” process-CO2 Removal-Green H2 Production-via-Electrolytic Reactors-Continuous Two-chamber-Flow-through Electrolytic Process-Electrolysis of Seawater* to permanently lock CO2 within stable carbonate solids|CO3-2 and in the form of dissolved inorganic carbon|DIC|ΣCO2-Exploits the enormous abundance of Calcium|Ca2+ and Magnesium|Mg2+ ions in seawater-Immobilizes CO2 permanently in the ocean-the world’s sink of CO2*-as dissolved (in water) Bicarbonate ions|HCO − 3 and in the form of solid mineral carbonates. +Electrolytic Reactor also produces Hydrogen|H2 a green fuel that can replace fossil fuels, to thereby eliminating any further CO2 emissions....clean fuel. Equatic has two pilot plants-Los Angeles-Singapore-each removes ~100 kg of CO2 per day-Full-scale operation by 2026.
E Ink Holdings Inc (E Ink Corporation)|EINK - Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd et al (Sharp Corporation) - Papercast Limited
Hsinchu, Taiwan (Cambridge, Massachusetts|MA, USA) - Taipei, Taiwan (Osaka, Japan) - London, England, United Kingdom|UK

ESS-ESupply-Solar PV-EStorage-Battery

E Ink-"We make surfaces smart and green"-Electronic Paper|ePaper Display|EPD Technology-E Ink JustTint™-Variable Transmissive film+E Ink Prism™ 3-Electrophoretic|Electronic Ink Technology-"A one-particle ink system"-Particle-Free Conductive Ink-Solvated metal salt is reduced in-situ to produce a metal-In complete contrast to more conventional conductive inks-This means that the uncured particle-Free ink is often transparent-Chemical reaction induced by heat, light or plasma, and produces a smooth conductive metal layer-iow-Chemical reaction transforms Transparent metal Salt Solution into metal-Enabling smooth and thin metal layers to be printed-When adhered to glass or plastic, allows for control of the light through the surface-E Ink’s conductive ink-digital paper is bistable-Only uses power to change color, not to maintain it-Makes it possible to change the color of a car, for examplem, with minimal power-Drives the ink in new ways-Applications-Appliances, Consumer electronics, Apparel, Vehicles, Industrial goods, Privacy windows, doors and other surfaces, Public information and promotional signs--Sharp-e-Signage-Papercast®-Displays.
The Coretec Group Inc|CRTG
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

EStorage-Battery-Anode-Silicon|Si-Cyclohexasilane|CHS|Si6H12- Extremely pure material-Advanced applications-Solar energy, energy storage, sensors, imaging, semiconductors

Coretec Endurion Battery-Advanced Silicon|Si engineering-CHS is processed as a liquid, leading to the use of lower-cost, solution-based processes when compared to traditional gas-state silanes-Novel composition delivers six times the silicon in one molecule, making it an excellent source of silicon in applications including energy storage, solar, solid-state lighting, microelectronics, and printable electronics.
University of California San Diego|UCSD
La Jolla, California|CA, USA

EStorage-Supercapacitor-Structural-Multifunctional-Integrate load-bearing and energy-storage functions

UCSD-Structural pseudocapacitors with reinforced interfaces to increase multifunctional efficiency-Reinforced by coating carbon-fiber weaves with a uniquely stable conjugated redox polymer and reduced graphene oxide that raised pseudocapacitive capacitance and tensile strength-Solid polymer electrolyte-High ionic conductivity at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces-The structural supercapacitor was made into the hull of a model boat to demonstrate its multifunctionality.
Dracula Technologies|DRACULA
Valence, Drôme, France

ESupply-Harvesting|EH-Ambient Light-Solar|PV-OPV-Organic Polymer-Thin-film-Semiconducting-Inkjet Printed

Dracula Technologies-Light As Your Energetic Response|LAYER®-Thin film photovoltaics solar cells-1st leading inkjet Printed Organic Photovoltaic Product-Traps light in order to convert it into energy-IoT-Indoor-Makes connected object autonomous by integrating our inkjet printed, free-shape, sustainable organic photovoltaic technology-Organic polymers derived from carbon are used to make the conductive inks-Based on polymers and hybrid materials modelling software associated with a CNRS test bench-Deposited at speed at low temperatures on plastic substrates using inkjet technologies.


Jiangsu Enfucell Flexible Electronics Co Ltd (Enfucell Oy)
Changzhou, JS, China (Vantaa, Finland)

EStorage-Battery-Zinc|Zn-Manganese Dioxide|MnO2-Electrolyte-Zinc Chloride|ZnCl2

Enfucell SoftBattery®-Zinc|Zn-Manganese Dioxide-ELectrolyte-Zinc Chloride-Low power applications, which require flexible and thin properties-Cosmetics-Logistics-Healthcare-Wireless sensor devices using Bluetooth or Near Field Card|NFC transmission technology.
Wiliot Ltd
Caesarea, Haifa, Israel

ESupply-Harvesting|EH-Ambient Radio Frequency|RF

Wiliot-Battery-Free IoT Pixels-Energy Harvesting|EH-Ambient RF-Postage stamp-sized compute devices that power themselves without batteries and by harvesting radio waves-ARM processor sole power-Wiliot Battery-free BluetoothTM Chips - Sticker-sized RFID Sensor-Applications-CPG & Grocery-Apparel & Soft Goods-Pharma & Healthcare-Reusable Transport Packaging Solution-Food Safety Monitoring.
Brooklyn, New York|NY, USA

ESupply-Solar|PV Cell-Organic Polymer Solar|OSC-Embedded-Flexible-Thin-film-Solar Sails-Canopies-Tents

Pvilion-Flexible PV solar-Embedded thin-film cells and organic polymer photovoltaic|PV cells-Generate electricity when exposed to light-Although less efficient than Silicon|Si thin-film cells and organic polymer based cells can be produced quickly and cheaply-Applications-Ranging from solar powered charging stations-Solar fabric-Solar powered-Curtains-Sails-Canopies-Tents-Building facades-Clothing.
University of Houston|UH
Houston, Texas|TX, USA

EStorage-Battery-LiB-Electrode-Silver|Ag Fabric|Platform-Current Collector-Wearable-Flexible-Electrolyte-Solid Polymer-Fully Stretchable

UH-Stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery.
Ultralife Corporation|ULBI
Newark, NY, USA

EStorage-Battery-Flexible-LiB-Electrolyte-Solid Polymer

Ultralife-Conformal Wearable Battery|CWB-Thin-Lightweight-Flexible-Rechargeable-LiB-Solid Polymer Battery-150Wh.
Fudan University|FDU - Zhejiang Normal University|ZJNU
Shanghai, China - Jinhua, Zhejiang|ZJ, China

EStorage-Battery-Biocompatible-Salt Water Battery-Self-charging-Electrodes-Zinc|Zn-Biocompatible Polymide|PI-Implantable self-charging battery-well-designed electrode redox reaction

FDU-ZJNU-Salt Water Battery-Self-charging -Electrodes-Zinc|Zn-Biocompatible Polymide|PI-Well-designed electrode redox reaction-Using redox reactions in electrochemical battery provides a potential approach for the tumor inhibition and regulation of tumor microenvironment-Biocompatible|Implantable Self-charging Battery-Application-Antitumor therapy-Can regulate tumor microenvironment persistently-Can consume oxygen sustainably during battery discharge/self-charge cycle, thus modulating hypoxia level in tumor microenvironment. The oxygen reduction in battery leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species, showing 100% prevention on tumor formation. Sustainable consumption of oxygen causes adequate intratumoral hypoxic conditions over the course of 14 days, which is helpful for the hypoxia-activated prodrugs (HAPs) to kill tumor cells. The synergistic effect of the battery/HAPs can deliver more than 90% antitumor rate.


Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems|FhG-ISE - FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics|AMOLF
Freiburg im Breisgau, BaWü, Germany - Amsterdam, Netherlands

ESupply-Solar Thermal-Direct-Solar|PV Module-Scalable-Mobile-Portable-Multijunction-Silicon|Si TOPCon

FHG-ISE-AMOLF-Silicon-based Multijunction Solar Cell-Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Research ISE and NWO-Institute AMOLF (Amsterdam) have fabricated a multijunction solar cell with an efficiency of 36.1 percent, the highest efficiency ever reached for a solar cell-Silicon|Si-based-Semiconductor-Layers-2-1-Gallium Indium Phosphide-|GaInP-2-Gallium Indium Arsenide Phosphide|GaInAsP)-Layer stack is then coated with a specially designed metal/polymer nanocoating -Back reflector improves the trapping of light inside the solar cell-Enables efficiency to be increased for the first time beyond 36 percent-PCE|η=36.1%.
University of Maryland|UMD - University of Calgary|UCalgary
College Park, Maryland|MD, USA - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

EStorage-Battery-ASSLB-Anode-Lithium|Li Metal|LMB-Solid State Electrolyte|SSE-Garnet-type

UMD-UCalgary-LMB-Solid-State Electrolytes|SSEs-Garnet-Type- Li7La3Zr2O12|LLZO-Particularly high ionic conductivity (10–3 to 10–4 S/cm) and good chemical stability against Li metal, offering a great opportunity for solid-state Li-metal batteries.
SK Inc (SK Innovation Co Ltd (SK On Co Ltd|SKON)) - Dankook University
Seoul, Republic of Korea - Cheonan, Hoseo, Republic of Korea

EStorage-Battery-ASSLB-Anode-Lithium|Li Metal|LMB-Solid State Electrolyte|SSE-Garnet-type

SK On-Next-Gen Battery-Garnet-type-Li composites using Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 particles|Li/LLZOLi-La-Zr-O Garnets-High Li-Ion Conductivity-Air-Stability by Microstructure-Engineering-Fabricating Li composites using Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 particles (Li/LLZO) with high Li-ion conductivity-The technology will raise battery capacity by up to 25% in theory-Solid Electrolyte Utility-Current solid-state batteries based on nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) cathodes but also for next-generation models such as lithium-sulfur batteries and lithium-air cells.
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Samsung Co Ltd)
Yongin, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea

EStorage-Battery-ASSLB-Anode-Lithium|Li Metal|LMB-Solid State Electrolyte|SSE-Garnet-type

Samsung SDI-S-Line|Solid-Sole-Samsung SDI-"Dream Battery"-SSB-Anode-Lithium Metal-Electrolyte-SSE-Garnet-type-Li composites using Al-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 particles|Li/LLZO-46-millimeter-wide cylindrical batteries.
Apple Inc|AAPL
Cupertino, CA, USA

EStorage-Battery-Solid-state SSB-BEV

Apple-SSB-Titan EV-2026-est.
Sony Honda Mobility Inc|SHM
Tokyo, Japan

EStorage-Battery-Solid-state SSB-BEV

Afeela-AWD-"Smartphone on Wheels"-Concept-Qualcomm Technologies-Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™-45 cameras-sensors-inside-outside-together with-System on a Chip|SoC-800 TOPS-ECU-Maximum computing power.


General Motors Company|GM - LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solutions Ltd|LGES))
Holland, MI, USA

EStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-Nickel|Ni-Cobalt|Co-Manganese|Mn-Aluminum|Al|NCMA-200 kWh-724|450 km|m-est-2023q3

GM-LGES-Ultium Battery Cells-“State-of-the-art” Nickel Cobalt Manganese Aluminum|NCMA LiB-Reduce Cobalt|Co content by over 70%-200 kWh-724|450 km|m-Silverado EV RST First Edition-est 2023q3 | Cadillac Escalade iQ | Hummer EV-GM Escalade iQ-Hummer EV-GMC Sierra EV-est-2024
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (Samsung SDI Co Ltd)-HM
Yongin, Gyeonggi, Repubic of Korea


Samsung SDI-NCA LiB-16-Incl-JV-1-Stellantis-111 GWh-2023-978 GWh-by 2030-Imagine pure electric cars with a driving range of over 300km on a single charge, or super performance cars that are not only perfect for highly competitive races, but also consuming less fuel, reducing carbon footprints-Prismatic LiB-No constraint in the selection of cathode, anode, and electrolyte materials due to the stability of prismatic outer can design against internal gas pressure.
Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co Ltd (Envision AESC Group Ltd)-HM
Shanghai, China (Zama, Kanagawa, Japan)

EStorage-Battery-LiB-NCM 811-5.0

Envision AESC-NMC->LFP Battery-9-Incl-JV-4-Nissan-Renault-Mercedes-BMW-41 GWh-2023-727 GWh.
LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solutions Ltd|LGES))-HM
Seoul, Republic of Korea

EStorage-Battery-LiB-Cathode-NCM-Single Crystal

LG-NCM->LFP Battery-9-Incl-JV2-Stellantis-Geely-2023-264 GWh-by 2030-1949 GWh-LG Energy Solution's combined annual production capacity of lithium-ion battery cells will amount to some 250 gigawatt-hours in North America and 580 gigawatt-hours worldwide starting as early as 2025.
Panasonic Holdings Corporation|PCRFY
Osaka, Japan

EStorage-Battery-LiB-NMC-BEV-Large-format 4680 cells

Panasonic-NMC LiB-15-incl-JV-2-Tesla-Toyota-148 GWh-2023-1267 GWh-by 2030.
NorthVolt AB
Stockholm, Sweden

EStorage-Battery-LiB-NMC-Proprietary Lingonberry-Cylindrical-Prismatic

Northvolt AB-NMC LiB-4-Incl-JV-2-Stora Enso-Volvo-LiB-NMC-Proprietary Lingonberry-Cylindrical-Prismatic-38 GWh-2023-809 GWh by 2030.


US Department of Energy (National Renewable Energy Laboratory|NREL) - Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO, USA - Golden, CO, USA

EEfficiency-RE Generation System-Algorithm-Forecast-aided Predictive Control|FAPC-EV Charging Control

NREL-MINES-Novel Forecast-aided Predictive Control|FAPC algorithm to optimize this load shifting in the presence of forecasts-Extending upon an existing coordinated control framework, the FAPC algorithm introduces a new electric vehicle charging control algorithm that has the capability to incorporate forecasted information in its control loop-Enables FAPC to better track a realistic RE generation signal in a fully correlated simulation environment-Effectively shifts demand to track a RE generation signal under different weather and operating conditions-Significantly reduces the required capacity of the battery storage system compared to a baseline control case.
French National Centre for Scientific Research|CNRS - TotalEnergies SE (Société des Accumulateurs Fixes et de Traction|Saft Groupe SAS) - Stellantis NV
Paris, France - Paris, France (Levallois-Perret, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France) - Hoofddorp, North Holland, The Netherlands

EEfficiency-Battery Integrated System|BIS-Integrated Charger-Invertor

CNRS-TTEF-STLAM-Intelligent Battery Integrated System|IBIS-Integrates the electric charger and inverter functions into the lithium-ion battery modules replacing them with electronic conversion cards freeing up space in the vehicle and reducing system cost-+-SAFT-42-512 MW-445 MWh.
Tokamak Solutions UK Ltd|Tokamak Energy Ltd
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, UK

ESupply-Thermonuclear Fusion-Magnetic Confinement-High Temperature Superconducting|HTS Magnets-Tokamak-Spherical

TOKAMAK-ST40 Compact Spherical Tokamak-Industries-Most advanced of its kind in the world-High Temperature Superconducting|HTS Magnets-Applications-Compact Electricity Generation-Marine Propulsion-Off-grid Energy-Hydrogen/clean Fuels-Industrial heat-Deuterium|2H-Tritium3H|DT-Planned Energy Capture Approach-Lithium|Li Neutron Blanket-Pilot Plant-2033-500 MWe.
Skeleton Technologies
Großröhrsdorf, Saxony|SN, Germany

EStorage-Battery-Super|Ultracapacitor Cells|Modules-Curved Graphene-based-Charges in less than a minute

Skeleton Technologies-High-power supercapacitor and battery solutions for automotive, transportation, grid, renewable energy, and industrial applications.
Spanish Hydrogen Network|SHINE
Madrid, Spain

ESS-Solar-Hydrogen|H-Photoelectrocatalysis | PEC

Spanish Hydrogen Network|SHINE-Spains' largest renewable hydrogen consortium-Repsol-led-Will deploy projects in ten autonomous communities-Objectives is the ambition to reach an installed capacity of 500 MW in 2025 and 2 GW in 2030-Will also promote the use of hydrogen in all transportation segments, through the production of synthetic fuels and the creation of an infrastructure with at least 12 hydrogen filling stations by 2025.
Ballard Power Systems Inc|BLDP
Burnaby, British Columbia|BC, Canada

EStorage-Green Hydrogen-Proton Exchange Membrane|PEM-Fast-Charging-EV|FCEV-Self-contained-Grid-independent

Ballard-Turnkey Fuel Cell-Highly efficient Proton-exchange Membrane|PEM-Hydrogen-powered EV charging-40ft container-six 200kW systems-1MW AC net power-Outdoor applications-ESupply -Commercial fleets, such as delivery vans, trucks and buses.


Blue Planet Energy Systems LLC-HM
Honolulu, Hawaii | HI, USA


Blue Ion™ HI-Battery-LFP-8kW continuous performance-Stackable.
Powervault Ltd
London, England, United Kingdom|UK


Powervault P4-Battery-LFP-Max-Capacity-24 kWh-Power-4.8 kW-Rate-Charge-4.2 kW-Discharge-4.8 kW.
LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solutions Ltd|LGES))
Seoul, Republic of Korea


LGES Residential-Battery ESS-Prime+ AC-coupled inverter-Connects two 10H or 16H Prime battery modules in parallel to offer a capacity of 19.2 kWh or 32 kWh, with a maximum output of 9.6 kW from the inverter.
Shell Plc (sonnen GmbH)
The Hague, Netherlands (Wildpoldsried, Bavaria, Germany)


sonnenBatterie-Battery as a Smart Device-Lithium Ferro Phosphate or LFP battery-EVO-total capacity of 11kWh-ecoLinx RESS-All-in-one home energy management and storage system - Solar Invertor and Flexible Lithium-ion Home Storage Battery - Lithium-Iron-Phosphate | LiFePo4 | LFP batteries- 10 to 20 kilowatt-hours of energy storage per unit, which it stores in 2 kWh modules of muRata (formerly Sony’s battery division) - takes residential energy management to the next level by stretching beyond energy storage into management of key loads in ways that were previously not possible thanks to direct integration with Eaton’s smart breakers and a home automation solution.
Panasonic Holdings Corporation|PCRFY
Osaka, Japan


Panasonic EverVolt Home Battery-LFP-Max-Capacity-18 kWh-Power-Continuous-7.6 kW-Rate-Charge-4.2 kW-Discharge-4.8 kW-Modular-Stackable-Connect up to four units together to achieve up to 72kWh of usable storage capacity for whole-home power-Continuous backup power-18 kWh-Cabinets-4-30kW | EVERVOLT® SmartBox energy management device connects the battery, home loads, grid power and solar PV system all in one place. SmartBox controls the connection to the grid and provides a seamless transition to backup power during power outages.
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi|IITMANDI-School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering|SMME
Kamand, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

ESupply-Solar|PV-Cell-Bifacial|BSC-Indoor bifacial perovskite photovoltaics|i-BPPVs

IITMANDI-Indoor bifacial perovskite photovoltaics--Demonstrated-PCE|η=30.3%-Efficient energy harvesting from artificial light sources-Substrate-Glass and indium tin oxide (ITO)-Semi-transparent-Electron Transport Layer|ETL-Tin(IV) Oxide|SnO2-MAPbI3 Perovskite layer-Spiro-OMeTAD hole transport layer-Electrode-Gold|Au-ITO-Semi transparent-"Cell achieves a remarkable power output per single cell of 152.01 µW/cm2."


Schneider Electric SE|SBGSY (AutoGrid Systems Inc)
Rueil-Malmaison, France (Redwood City, CA, USA)

EEfficiency-Distributed Energy Resource Management System|DERMS-AI-Machine Learning|ML

AutoGrid Flex™-AI-driven distributed energy resource management system|DERMS-Empowering individuals and communities to become active participants in the energy transition – where every rooftop solar panel, electric vehicle, and battery can become a building block toward a sustainable energy ecosystemMakes it possible to harness, orchestrate, and optimize energy assets across all classes, device types, and use cases-AutoGrid’s core competency is the development of AI and proprietary algorithms that dynamically track flexibility and scale operations to efficiently utilize DERs, optimize grid efficiency, balance supply and demand, and seamlessly integrate renewable resources at scale. An open and extensible architecture and patented predictive controls technology enable real-time monitoring, control, and co-optimization of millions of DERs.
Eco Wave Power Ltd|WAVE
Stockholm, Sweden

ESupply-Marine Hydro Kinetic Energy|MHK-Wave Energy Conversion-Onshore

Eco Wave Power|EWP-Wave Energy Conversion-Closed Circular System-Floaters compresses and decompresses hydraulic pistons which transmit bio-degradable hydraulic fluid into land located accumulators-In the accumulators-Pressure builds-Rotates a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then the electricity is transferred into the grid, via an inverter-Fluid, after decompression, flows back into the hydraulic fluid tank, where it is then re-used by the pistons, thus creating a closed circular system-The system commences production of electricity from wave heights of 0.5 meters.
CalWave Power Technologies Inc
Oakland, CA, USA

ESupply-Marine Hydro Kinetic Energy|MHK-Wave Energy Conversion-Offshore-Scalable-Utility-Localized Power

CalWave-xWave™-Wave Energy Converter|WEC-High, broadband and omnidirectional absorption efficiency of ocean waves-Ocean wave energy to electricity and freshwater-CalWave Wave Carpet-Responds just like mud to harness the energy of waves passing overhead-Moored Offshore-Modular-Scalable-Applications-CalWave X100-Can supply coastal communities with anywhere from 100 kw to over 500 MW of local power-CalWave X800-Utility Scale-Wave park farms-Colocation with offshore wind farms.
LG Corporation (LG Chemicals Ltd (LG Energy Solution Ltd|LGES))-HM
Seoul, Republic of Korea


LG Chem (LGES)-35-202 GW-LIB-NMC-Grid|C&I-World's Smallest Footprint.
Tesla Inc|TSLA
Fremont, CA, USA

EStorage-Battery-Grid-scale|GSB-Scalable-Lithium Metal Polymer|LMP Battery-4860-sized

Tesla-4860-sized battery cells<-NMC-29-1468 MW-8901 MWh-Powerwall (residential), Powerpack (businesses), and Megapack (utilities and large-scale commercial projects-Elkhorn-Vistra Moss Landing-Repeated fires-Megapack Mega-factory-1Lathrop, California-2Shanghai-w/CATL=Tesla 30.
Siemens AG-Automotive Energy Supply Corporation|AESC (Fluence Energy Inc|FLNC-JV) - Northvolt AB
Arlington, Virginia|VA, USA - Stockholm, Sweden


AES Discover® Advanced Energy System-LFP-Grid-Micro-grid-Bankable performance and the lowest cost of energy storage per kWh-Proprietary high-current BMS that delivers superior peak power and lightning-fast 1C charge and discharge rates | AES Corp-8-3020 MW-8840 MWh-Grid-Micro-grid.


The Battery and Energy Supply and Storage Frontier (B|ESSTFrontier) is part of a environmental risk mitigating market research project. This clean energy technology frontier is published in Environmental Risk Mitigation – Coaxing a Market in the B|ESST Industry (Palgrave Macmillan)


Have a proof of concept research project, a product in development and/or at the manufacturing scale-up stage, or, a newly market ready product to add? Let us know. Drop us a line!